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Always In My Head piano live @ Sirius XM (August 9, 2014)


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I keep listening to this version of the song and just been really addicted to it! Since I dont play by ear, can anyone do a little tutorial for the chords that Chris has used during the taping? Sounds like he only played two or three major chords but cant really find out which ones he played.. Much appreciated if someone can teach me :D Thank you very much :) :)



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By ear, hear are the chords I think he's playing. I agree, they are pretty. And they aren't exactly 3 note triads either. The first chord sounds like a G9sus4/F (it could be argued or possible this is more accurately labeled an F 6/9 if not for that lone C note). See how it sounds to you. the /F just means that F is the lowest note of the chord even though it's not the root note of the chord. Starting with F2, the notes from lowest to highest are F, G, D, F, G, C, D, F, G, A. (Evidently Chris Martin likes using all ten fingers to make a lot of his chords). 2nd chord is an A#6/9. A#2 (or maybe it's A#3. that lone A# note at the far left of the piano is a blank spot in my keyboard knowledge), D, F, G, A#, C, D. Then Dmin7+5 or just try a Bbmaj 7 with D as the bass note. Something like D, F, A, A#, C, D. See if you like it better without the C in there. It's important to make sure the D is the lowest note in that chord though. and finally, a Cadd9/G or something with that flavor. That one is not quite as clear to me. But definitely use the notes C, D, E, G with the lowest note (probably G but see what sounds good) higher pitched than the lowest note of the 3rd chord. Let me know. That's just by ear and I don't play piano well. But my ear is usually not bad. not perfect. but generally not bad. Take care.


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So here's the sample of the song:


There are only three chords I play (I only play by youtube or sometimes by ear it depends).


The chords I use are:




Repeat two times






Listen to my sample and notice the tunes. I hope I made that right hehe. :P

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