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No Updates On Coldplaying.com (Temporary)


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We've been having server problems since the leak was reported


When the site goes offline or slows down, the best practice is to check back later on. Unfortunately, hundreds of requests to load the site were being sent at the same time, constantly. This means I couldn't access the backend of the site, where I could of just done something simple like temporarily close the forum to settle the server back down but it took 5 hours and support from the hosting company of the website to be able to access the site again.


There's a lot of server work to be done now and it means the main Coldplaying.com site won't be updated until an estimated time of Monday.


For all news, please browse through the forums. All of the news will be updated by our team over the next day or two.

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It's crazy I was on the forum, the whole day I had the feeling something was gonna happen. Saw then one post about leaking of album and checked out myself and found it. Went back for the forum.. but there was no forum anymore :rolleyes:

You know something big is going on when the forum is down, so more people were attracted to it.

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