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Extra VIP Top 12 TX


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None of my friends listen to the same music I do and i feel alone on a silent hill. Actually that lie is going to get me swallowed in the sea.... Truth is, I have no friends. I feel more so yellow instead of blue about it. I am content but i run into the same issue...... I have a $750 top 12 VIP ticket I need to up&up. The seat is right next to me. I really don't do many concerts because I am afraid of all those x&y germs accumulating in one place nor do I spend over one grand on something that is not something I need..... It is a Coldplay concert so I decided to stop being squeaky and buy the tickets. Bought them last year! So it is important that I give the ticket to a fun person that wants to have an amazing day. Because I am giving it away I want all the stuff it comes with. Signed posters etc. Sorry but the person I was going with can't go because of an sickness so I want to make sure that person get all of the the goodies from the ticket. I know it will be hard to let signed posters and all that go but don't panic, it's a free seat on the 3rd row and access to the vip room with early entry. I have no gender, orientation, race and zero prejudice so anybody can get the ticket except a ex boyfriend...may be too weird. Below are my only requirements.


Rules are:

1.You must be 18+ because my name is not Marry P coming in with a parachute and I don't want to babysit your kid..... Sorry, I have no kids.... cute little things but they are like kittens...always into trouble.

2. I have bad allergies and if I can avoid a smoker to my left, that will be great. I want to smell sweat from the excitement not death and all of its friends.

3. Must not be hateful. I have zero hate in my heart for anyone or anything. If you don't like certain types of people and have a twisted logic, you won't like me. The again the good book say's "Those who are whole need not a physician; But those who are sick.

4. Communication is key. My tickets are "Will Call" and I am going early as they will allow. Around 5 most likely. We need to communicate so a cell at the time will be great.

5. Please don't get sloppy drunk. I don't drink but if you over 21 I won't tell you, you can't drink. I suppose this is why I have no friends and is an army of one...but I believe asking you not to get drunk is fair. The smell of alcohol makes me want to puke unless it is mixed in food like cake.



The hardest part for who ever you are is that the concert is in August at NRG stadium on the 25th..Houston Texas... Right around the corner. I don't mind going alone but wasting a great seat is the only reason i giving it away[emoji23] Who gonna be my fake friend for a few hours?568093babbab8002ef75f0f05a175ba7.jpg

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