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Annual ColdplayCon Featuring Exhibits from Collectors? And A Coldplay Museum of Collections?

Major Cooper

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Is there a Possibility for an Annual Coldplay Convention? If so, who would be the sponsors? (I’m sure huge companies will!) Where will it be held? Also, a museum of Coldplay Collections where Collectors can have their Collections displayed for all Fans to enjoy? Where will the museum be located? (I would like to be one of the Staff!... Lol!... I’m sure you would LOVE that as well!)

Can we make it happen?


I wonder if Coldplay (and their amazing troop) hears about this... Will they forward the recommendation / entertain the idea?


Let’s make it happen...!


What are your thoughts?


Chris, Jonny, Will, Guy, and Phil... We’d love to hear from you too if you can grace this thread... :)

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OMG ! What a great idea ! Please make it happen!!!! How can we do that?


It’s going to be a lot of work, and a lot of collaboration needed. We are talking about worldwide-based fans.

Maybe it can begin with small local conventions first, then move on to a bigger scale.

Just a thought... :)

I wonder if there is already a band with such...?



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