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Coldplay - A Head Full Of Dreams [2018] English Subs Fix


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When I watched Coldplay - A Head Full Of Dreams [2018] from Amazon. Subtitles for it were really off and I that was just irritating me a lot. So, I took some time and fixed those subs. Their timings and corrections are done by me. Took me almost 12 hours to fix those as I want those to be as perfect as they can be.

You can check the difference here :- https://diff.pics/co0mpnAaJKib/1

This is just a preview of what kind of fixes can be expected.


Here's the link to subs :- https://www35.zippyshare.com/v/iHbfMf9X/file.html


It's a SRT file which can be externally played on any computer and can be muxed with the video.



P.S. - If anyone have the link to 1080p iTunes version of Live is Sao Paulo please send it to me.

I'll really appreciate the help.

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