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I have 2 copies of early covers I designed for the blue room e.p.

Tim moore

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Hi Everyone


My name is Tim Moore (designer & art director)


I was lucky enough to design / create the first ep. release on Parlophone


both the very minimal promo & the cover with the hand underwater with the coral.


I met Chris Martin & the rest of the band a few times

& Chris gave me a book of his on David Doubilet,


you can read about all this in a nice post in 2010 here




I have 2 copies of early covers I designed for the blue room e.p.

one of which is the very first copy - Limited edition 001


its been a long time since I did this work & its time to sell these items

as I am clearing up my studio for 2020.


I hope to lay my hands on a few of the CD mailers I created & 1 or 2 of the blank covers


Please get in touch if you are interested in these covers...


I would like to know where best to sell these records

because I would like them to end up with an avid collector of Coldplay material.


As I am not used to this forum can anyone give me advice on where

to post this .... full


My very Best to you all ~


Tim Moore







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