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Adventures of Board Nazi and The Purple Dishwasher


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It was a shady afternoon, with shady characters walking about. Seriously, Eminem was there, doing cartwheels. Bushes seemed to lurk about as though they were hiding something. Colleen then turned to Sarah and said, "Stop right here, I sense something." Sarah then turned to Colleen and said, "You're right, it's quiet... too quiet." Music played in the background, humming, "Dun da nadum!" and this voice from the sky shouted, "This is a job for... dun dun dun... THE BOARD NAZI AND THE PURPLE DISHWASHER!"


In the distance you could hear shouting from this little house on top of a hill. The voices of angry and frightened middle-aged parents, male and female parents. Sarah then took off her coat and her wings spread and she sprinkled her magically pixie dust onto Colleen. They then flew to the little house to be confused. The voices were shouting and doors were slamming. "It was just a little pot!" echoed off of the walls. It was a nightmare.


Colleen, the Board Nazi, ran up to them and moved the door into the trash forum. Sarah, the purple dishwasher, then washed all of the pot out of the teenagers system and sent them to Alcoholics Anonymous. Colleen looked up at Sarah and said with no enthusiasm whatsoever, "This is boring, we need a real villian to take down." "We do," began Sarah, "Away! To the frekah mobile!"


"Super lesbians, come in, do you read me? Please! Come in!" It was Colleen and Sarah's palm pilots. It was Brandon, or ZXR750P3, he was at their headquarters. "I have a super-crazy chick about to break things in the kitchen. And that's it. I'll beam you up. It's quicker than giving directions."


Colleen and Sarah transformed into holograms and uploaded to the computer by the crime scene and hopped out of the monitor. They looked into the kitchen and a rather scantily clad and sexy woman was holding an egg and a pan. Sarah looked to Colleen, "This is bad, I've seen this before." Colleen nodded her head. Colleen grabbed the egg, and moved it to the trash forum. Sarah took the pan and stored that and the dishes in the rack inside of herself, you know, because she's a dishawasher, she can do that. And they left. The woman stood confused. "I was just going to make some food. I mean, come on." Colleen flew back for a millisecond. She looked at her and said, "Tough shit," and sang, "Big green monkey, everyone is hungry." She then joined Sarah back in flight to Burger King.


They ordered two double cheeseburgers with extra pickles, two Dr. Peppers, and a two large fries. The burgers were ready quick and so were the drinks, but the man behind the counter said the fries would take a bit. So they sat down and started eating their burgers. "Hey, Colleen, that guy behind the counter, did he look a little weird to you?" "Well," Colleen began, "Oh!" she turned and he was right behind her. "We got company," she said. Sarah looked up from the burger. The man stood there with a tray containing the fries. He began to sing, "Ding fries are done. Ding fries are done. Ding fries are done," but then he just dissappeared. "When did our lives turn into a musical?" asked Colleen. "Since I'm controlling this story," replied Sarah.


Everyone around them dissappeared. "Wtf?" said Colleen, "We control this board... I mean world... I mean... website and story." "That can only mean one thing." said Sarah. Sarah and Colleen then both said together, "Dun dun dun... HACKERS!"



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