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  1. There could be alien life out there. The universe is a big place. I don't think an alien life form would look anything like humans since they would have followed a different evolutionary path. Does anyone here actually follow astronomy?
  2. I'm pretty good. We're not sure what kinda pup it is but they think he's part Appenzell Mountain Dog. You can see him here.
  3. (Hey liquid, long time no talk) Hope your puppy's ok! I've just adopted a new one myself.
  4. The pits. I live right in the middle of where Katrina and Rita hit. My area was almost unharmed. Lots of trees down during Rita. Crazy stuff.
  5. sweet its cool how the colors on the board all go together now. its pleasing to the eye and stuff. What are you going to school for?
  6. College, yo! I'm a pre-vet major. It takes up all of my time which is really annoying. Oh well. What have you been up to?
  7. Hello peoples. I'm good. Busy with college and all. How is everyone?
  8. This place is sad now. So close to the ground. Anyone I know here?
  9. LOVE LIFE : Good! :D JOB : I need one, starting college in the fall and I'll be needing money.. HOPES: I really just hope that I can keep andrew in my life and afford college MORALS: eh.. POLITICS: :|
  10. Left feathers all over the place.
  11. StupidIntel


    I'm pretty good. You?
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