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Tickets Europa 2023: Italy (or anything else)


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Hi Coldplay-Fans,

unfortunately, like many of you, I have tried in vain to get tickets for any concert of the European Tour 2023.

I actually wanted to give the tickets to my girlfriend for her birthday, that's why it's so important to me and now here as a request. She is working in Milan for a year abroad at the time, and I wanted to visit her for her birthday and surprise her, she is a huge Coldplay fan.

If anyone has tickets to Milan, Naples or at least any other European concert (then I have to pick them up or something lol) that would be huge for me. Preferably standing tickets, 2 pieces or 4 pieces, then I'll take her parents with me.

According to the forum, it's only allowed to buy / sell tickets at the regular price. I would also be willing to pay a little more, but at least i will send you a surprise package with Austrian specialties as a thank you for the help if someone sells tickets.

Thank you!!! It would mean so much to me!

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