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Hello from Holland


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Hello Coldplay Fans out there,

I am Paul, living in the Netherlands.

I always have been a fan of symphonic rock music, always been a huge Genesis fan and also liked music of Pink Floyd. And in the last 15 years I heard such great songs of Coldplay on the radio. Never listened to their albums then, but since a few weeks I saw a video broadcast of the latest tour in the Climate Pledge Arena. Since then I have to confess, I am also a Coldplay fan now!

Almost every song played at this concert I knew, but I have to confess… I didn’t know all these songs were Coldplay songs… I love them! And what a great atmosphere this tour has, wow! I always loved the light shows of Genesis and Pink Floyd, never knew Coldplay has such great shows too. It’s fantastic!

Coldplay is playing four shows in Amsterdam next year, unfortunately I did not manage to get tickets for the show. Would love to see them play live somedays…

Thank you Coldplay for the great music! Since Genesis has closed their huge career, I am glad to be a part of you all as a Coldplay fan, I love their music!

Greetings from the Nederlands,
Paul 😉

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