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What is your least favorite song from every album?


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Mine is:

1. Parachutes: Spies, Everything's Not Lost and Trouble

2. AROBTTH: Green Eyes, In My Place and Warning Sign

3. X&Y:

X: What If, X&Y and White Shadows

Y: A Message, Twisted Logic and Speed of Sound

4. Viva La Vida: Lost!, The Escapist and Lovers in Japan

5. Mylo Xyloto: Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall, Princess of China and M.M.I.X. (yes the really short ones count)

6. Ghost Stories: Always in My Head, Ink and Midnight

7. A Head Full of Dreams: Amazing Day, Fun and Everglow

8. Everyday Life:

Sunrise: Daddy, When I Need a Friend and Sunrise

Sunset:Èkó, Bani Adam and Old Friends

9. Music of The Spheres: Biutyful, Infinity Sign and Let Somebody Go

(btw this is just my opinion you can have your own opinion please don't hate)

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1. Parachutes: We never change


2. AROBTTH: Warning Sign


3. X&Y: Swallowed in the sea 


4. Viva La Vida: Life in technicholor 1 (?


5. Mylo Xyloto: Princess of china / Up in Flames


6. Ghost Stories: True Love


7. A Head Full of Dreams: Fun / Army of One 


8. Everyday Life: Orphans


9. Music of The Spheres: Biutyful

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