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  1. Trouble In town, Church, Sunrise, Daddy, Arabesque, Cry Cry: it's the Best of the album.
  2. The Last is "shaying". it's about some chinnesse 🙈😢
  3. Am I the only one who thinks it is similar to all your friends and O (reprise) end of GS?
  4. Ghost stories vs Glass of water
  5. Gravity vs Brothers and sisters
  6. I notice that coldplay with each new album you gain more followers but at the same time it loses many others and thus each year its fans are renewed. It is sad why at the cost of making music that does not go beyond radio, Coldplay at a time with his music transcended beyond an era but was something else. and that is important because the idea is to be able to become a legend. And to be gaining fans but without losing people.
  7. Huérfanos, Esa canción está arruinada por Martin y su uh uh uooh y el coro UH UH ohoh ... Es uno de los peores pero no tan malo como EJÉRCITO DE UNO, DIVERSIÓN, PRINCESA DE CHINA, OVNI, CALEIDOSCOPIO, AMOR VERDADERO Y ALGO COMO ESTO (SOLO PARA LAS LIRYCS), MILAGROS ALGUNOS ESPECIALES ..
  8. Crests of waves vs 1.36 AROBTTH Amazing Era
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