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What is your most favorite song from every album?


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Mine is:

1. Parachutes: Yellow, Sparks and High Speed

2. AROBTTH: Politik, A Rush of Blood to the Head and Daylight

3. X&Y:

X: Square One, Fix You and Talk

Y: The Hardest Part, Til Kingdom Come and Low

4. VLVODAAHF: Viva la Vida, Death and All His Friends and Yes

5. Mylo Xyloto: Don't Let It Break Your Heart, Up with The Birds and Up In Flames

6. Ghost Stories: A Sky Full of Stars, Oceans and Magic

7. A Head Full of Dreams: Hymn for the Weekend, Up&Up and Adventure of a Lifetime

8. Everyday Life:

Sunrise: Church, Broken and WOTW / POTP

Sunset: Everyday Life, Orphans and Champion of the World

9. Music of The Spheres: Higher Power, My Universe and Human Heart

(this is just my opinion btw)

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1 Parachutes: Yellow


2. AROBTTH: Clocks


3. X&Y: Speed of sound


4. Viva La Vida: 42


5. Mylo Xyloto: Don't let it break your heart


6. Ghost Stories: Always in my head


7. A head full of dreams: A head full of dreams


8. Everydaylife: Church


9. Music of The spheres: Coloratura

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Parachutes: Sparks

AROBTTH: Warning Sign

X&Y: White Shadows (oc💫

Viva La Vida: Violet Hill

Mylo Xyloto: Don't Let It Break Your Heart

Ghost Stories: Another's Arms

AHFOD: Birds

Everyday Life: Arabesque

Music of the Spheres: Coloratura


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