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fender precision or jazz bass?

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to me it looks like pretty much the same thing except for a few differences.

does anyone know the better of the two or something of the sort?

the bassist for the strokes has the jazz bass...

the bassist for coldplay has the precision bass...

so im really torn between the too...

ahhh the problems

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i think colin greenwood (radiohead) uses a p-bass too...


i prefer the Strokes bass sound mkost of the time myself

it's completely different style: he uses mostly 8th notes and he uses a pick


but thanks for the advice

i think ill end up getting a precision bass

there's one i want to get that is made in mexico and comes with a gig bag i like

and there is one that is made in america minus the gig bag


out of those 2 which one would you get?

and i swear ill stop bothering you all with questions

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