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  1. i thought this was the 'what are you listening to' thread
  2. you should get their first one. i can't stand their newer one excpet for a few songs. anyway i was just wondering like when the opening band actually started playing? like 8, 8:15, 7:30. do you have a rough idea of when?
  3. ahh are you serious? i'm so jealous of you. do you live in tempe then?
  4. ^their best song. modest mouse - the good times are killing me
  5. i'm sorry for your sad encounter, professor. i heard a few songs from kiley's old album but i think her new one sounds alot better. i'll check it out. didn't they open for interpol? maybe it was someone else.
  6. all of my downloaded songs are gone. thanks dad!
  7. modest mouse - talking shit about a pretty sunset
  8. funny. oh man. the only black kid at school? that would suck.
  9. serving food at an old folks home. party 24/7 just kidding. working full time sucks. but the paycheck is fat
  10. i think they're new album is horrible with the exception of like 3 songs. but they're first album was like utterly amazing i thought. they came here friday but my mom wouldn't let me drive on the freeway hah what shit luck.
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