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  1. Ian! Sternly/Carla! Laura! I miss certain times spent online at a time in the past. Ian, by the way, I don't know how you deal with this place as it is now. I admire your patience.
  2. Chicago overpaid for Wallace, but Detroit will still miss him. Iverson will be traded, and my beloved 76ers will get next to nothing for him, and everybody will win except Philadelphia. (That's how trades usually seem to work in this town :rolleyes: )
  3. WHY IN THE WORLD HASN'T ANYBODY MENTIONED SCARFACE?!?!?! Also: Back to the Future Raiders of the Lost Ark Koyaanisqatsi The Dark Crystal (Jim Henson was a genius)
  4. I might be alone among Flyers fans here, but I'd like to take a minute and complain about Bob Clarke as a GM. He was a great player, but he has no clue what he's doing as GM. I can't think of anybody who's more out of touch with the way the game is played these days than he is. We're stuck with Hatcher and Rathje for another year, and have no money under the cap to improve the team. I'm predicting another one-and-done year for the Flyers, much to my dismay. We still have Forsberg, though... :rolleyes:
  5. I am seriously bummed about this one. I'm mostly disappointed that we'll never get to hear Syd speak for Syd. All we have now are the many rumors and whatnot. Oh well. We'll always have The Piper at the Gates of Dawn. And The Madcap Laughs and Barrett.
  6. I haven't seen it, but I'm just surprised that so many people seem to have an interest in a THIRD Fast and the Furious movie. :stunned:
  7. Here's what I'm looking at so far: 1. Liars - Drum's Not Dead - Liars continue to defy everybody's expections, this time keeping the ominous dread of They Were Wrong So We Drowned, and adding furious tribal rhythms to it. 2. Jim Noir - Tower of Love - Some of the finest pop music I've heard in a long time, although not actually released in the US yet. It is out in the UK, though. 3. The Fiery Furnaces - Bitter Tea - The Fiery Furnaces are my favorite band right now. Insanely talented, generally insane otherwise, and adorable to boot. 4. Espers - Espers II - Not as good as their fi
  8. I liked I heart Huckabees more than Donnie Darko, despite its obnoxious title. It was just as thought-provoking, but in a pleasant and curious way, unlike Donnie Darko's self-importance and heavy-handedness. Plus Dustin Hoffman kicks my ass with a moptop haircut. "You rock, rock!"
  9. We're certainly off to a flying start. :rolleyes: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/world_cup_2006/4852720.stm
  10. It's a good news source. Their reviews are far too long-winded and self-important for me to care about whether or not they like anything I like.
  11. Yeah, moving past all the petty and childish bickering on page 2 of this thread, I'll try to actually contribute something... 1. John Coltrane 2. J.S. Bach (granted, nobody alive today has ever seen or heard him play, but when you consider that he IMPROVISED some of those brilliant fugues that take people years to perfect, he makes a pretty strong case) 3. Miles Davis 4. Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys) 5. Stevie Wonder 6. Brian Eno 7. Neil Young 8. Herbie Hancock 9. Tom Jenkinson (Squarepusher) 10. Charles Mingus
  12. I had just started digging those lyrics out of the back of my brain when I saw there was a new member named "Sam Malone."
  13. You realize Vanilla Sky was actually a remake, right? My pick is Groundhog Day. And pretty much anything else with Bill Murray in it. And Eyes Wide Shut. Despite Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman being in it, it isn't nearly as bad as everybody says it is.
  14. They were on that TV show awhile back that reformed old bands to play an old hit and a new song. I don't remember what the show was called, but I do remember that the dude in A Flock of Seagulls wore a baseball cap to cover his apparently baldness. It was generally embarassing for all involved parties, I think.
  15. I haven't read all three pages of this so I'm sure I'm repeating somebody, but here's why this thread pisses me off: It gives us only two options. I had to vote for "No, the government have told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth." I believe that? No! Of course not! The government never tells the whole truth, especially when led by George Bush, the worst leader this country has ever had. But you're sadly deluded if you honestly believe that the US government would do something like that completely on its own. Osama bin Laden is reponsible, case closed. That said, you co
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