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  • stephen

    Irish Students Paint Epic Coldplay Mural During Lockdown

    University of Limerick Students, Colin and his girlfriend Neisha have created a spectacular mural consisting of every Coldplay album!

    Colin Doyle and Neisha Keane Butler spent 52 hours over a three week period painting each Coldplay album cover onto a wall in Thurles, Tipperary, a county in south-central Ireland. I spoke to Colin about his inspirations and the process of painting the mural.

    "What brought us to do it I suppose is that we are all Coldplay fanatics at home. Dad (Vincent) suggested the idea and Mam loved it too!"

    WhatsApp Image 2020-06-16 at 3.53.18 PM.jpeg


    Inspired by seeing the band live at Wembley in 2016 and Croke Park in 2017, Colin and Neisha endured the unusually hot weather Ireland has been experiencing lately to create a wonderful spectacle in their back yard.

    "The idea was originally just to have Coldplay on the wall with some lyrics we loved from their songs but it evolved into having Coldplay along with their Album covers"

    Ghost Stories, one of Colins favourite Coldplay albums, proved to be the most difficult album cover to paint due to the small details and symmetry.

    "It’s impossible for me to pick a favourite Coldplay album but my top 3 Coldplay albums in no particular order would have to be Ghost Stories, A Head Full of Dreams and Everyday Life. We play Coldplay non-stop at home!"


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    • My favorite song of the album and in my top 5 Coldplay songs. The most relevant song about depression, who Chris suffers a huge depression after the separation. For me, it's the type of songs to help peoples suffers of depression. It's was very painful in the lyrical, i remember to crying in this song after i listen the songs because i suffers depression in the past. The song was very sad, powerful and emotional at the form. The vocader fit with the voice of Chris and with the electronic/Ambient vibe of this song. It's very haunting, relaxing, beautiful, painful, profound and who Chris put all his emotions about depression.
    • For me it's fit with the album lyrically and musically. This song was a song who Chris talk about the dark time of his life and the lyrics was clearly refers has a person deal with depression. The lyrics ''In the darkness of the room'' refer has a person depressed to became out of the light. Musically, it's the most electronic thing of the album. This song was consider has a electronic, spiritual and ambient song and the most experimental song of the album. My favorite song of the album (and my top 5 of all Coldplay songs) and a gem of the group.
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