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  1. I have a close personal connection to most Coldplay songs and albums, but the album X&Y speaks to me the most because it just represents exactly my seemingly permanent outlook on life - caught between awe and melancholy, traying to make sense of it all.
  2. yeeah By the way making old thread links work again is something I think would be of great importance. So many people keep asking about them.
  3. The new design is a million times better and more clearly structured imho, great job @stephen!
  4. And White Shadows should still be up !
  5. Square One demo snippet now !!!! https://ia601401.us.archive.org/27/items/square-one-2004/SquareOne2004.mp3
  6. The snippet played in the VLV documentary is this one: @ColdplayBootlegs I would DIE for the three Talk demos
  7. Would you be able to share the photo in the highest quality ?
  8. Fun fact, this was very first time I saw Coldplay live ❤️
  9. Yeah, i think we heard that one. I think it sounds gorgeous, unfortunately it never leaked in full... And about the pic, maybe someone can make it sharper?
  10. Wow. Interesting, I know exactly what music you're referring to. I just wonder how you know which song is which 😄 I can't make out any lyrics, but I presume this is Mining on the moon ? And the last song here "The Butterfly" ? Also, what about One Day ?
  11. The old downloads subforum seems to be entirely gone. Any way to bring it back (I mean the threads etc)? Also, one feature I particularly miss are the Coldplay album smilies like :arobtth: etc
  12. Hi, that's so cool ! Do you actually have those songs though (in particular Mining on The Moon) ?
  13. I'm confused. This (5 mins, Kaleidoscope lyrics) is the version that leaked a few weeks ago. It is what is generally perceived the Ghost Stories version ? What is the version you call the Ghost Stories version ? Where did you hear that ? (Also reminder: Sorry, but no links allowed in this thread)
  14. I feel like something like this is the best we can hope for this year, tbh!
  15. Hi ! So maybe talk to @arushofjacktothehead who has been keeping Mixtape exchanges alive these last couple of years. I just want to caution that the necessity of a Spotify subscription is likely to exclude many users (such as myself).
  16. It's not deleted but the old forum links don't work anymore since the upgrade 😕
  17. Stephen is recording the whole thing ! And by the way, if you want to know, Beck picked
  18. Don't worry. As a rule of thumb I would recommend you not to create a thread for every show, but rather search up the existing threads for these shows and ask if they can reupload the link. This will bring the old threads to the forefront of the list again and people will see your requests. I do know the search engine has some issues though since the upgrade and it's sometimes not easy finding old threads, I've been having this problem myself.
  19. SJLT vs ASFOS (Hardwell Remix)
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