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  1. It has some resemblance to the piano that is buried in the mix at the beginning of Champion of the World, but it's not identical.
  2. Yeah, that's really unfortunate. I'm not a massive Eurovision fan but to choose the one evening where we already had a live event to spend the time with... I admit it took me a long time of thinking if I would buy a ticket or not, because 23 EUR for a livestream with probably max. 40 mins of Coldplay is a lot of money, but in the end I did. I know the performance will be recorded and shared as it always happens, and that someone might even stream the performance live for free, but I decided to pay the money to get the whole Glastonbury feeling and experience! I'm really excited now. Prett
  3. Oh please no Dua Lipa on a Coldplay album. One of the most talentless and shallow pop sensations to emerge in my humble opinion (next to Ariana Grande). II'm not too keen about collabs in general, but Rihanna and Beyoncé were in a different league. I wouldn't mind someone like Brittany Howard either. I agree with what was said above about the collabs on EL being collabs done just right. If they have to do collabs, more of that type please and less of the ones with a current pop hype. (also sorry to all Dua fans, it's great that you see something in her and love her but I simply don't and
  4. Look in Your Direction Flags
  5. Knowing them, they are honestly probably relieved they don't have to fly everywhere and accompany Chris to every little appearance (not saying the Grammys are a little appearance, but rather talking about all these small solo performances Chris does here and there). They quite like being out of the public eye and having privacy and time for their families. I can assure you when Chris performs alone he has the full support and approval of the band, don't worry about it 🙂
  6. I have no idea, it unfortunately happens sometimes to innocent posts like yours. These days we have a lot of spam thrown at us though - most of it you'll never see because the filter catches most of the spam posts and hides them until approval, but sometimes it seems to also catch the wrong posts. Anyway, I approved your post. About Will's backing vocals sounding the same - they are in all likelihood prerecorded. Doesn't mean Will can't sing, but in the masterclass he once gave he explained that as a drummer it sounds better if he pre-records because otherwise the loud drum sounds interfe
  7. With all due respect, I think too much is being read into the exact times Angel Lopez screenshot the songs and the respective lyrics or numbers etc. Not everything is a secret message. I for one thing he just listened to and shared some songs he liked.
  8. Great find! this seems like the most likely explanation for the FFTF2024 in the booklet. Maybe it's an action plan from this initiative setting a goal for 2024, or maybe Coldplay have committed to make their tours environmentally beneficial (i.e. actively improving the environmental situation, rather than just having no effect) by 2024.
  9. They might not even know about it yet. Their website design is maintained by a design agency called Rabbit Hole and they probably aren't aware of this.
  10. Page doesn't work for me?
  11. It's indeed from Coldplay live acoustic at Cafe Kultcomplex in Cologne, 2002!
  12. My favourite is their set at the Isle Of Wight Festival 2006. Twisted Logic Tour is my favourite tour, and in that festival there was such a great mood and energy, listening or watching the available video parts is a delight and lifts my mood like no other live performance. The cover of Perfect Day is just the icing on the cake that makes it the perfect concert. If I could only time travel back to one Coldplay concert in all of time and stand in the front row, that would be it.
  13. Spies (Live at Glastonbury 2002) vs A Rush Of Blood To The Head (Live 2003)
  14. Don't worry, the entire set can be seen here in high quality:
  15. Yeah, they just broadcast VLV. What a disappointment. When i saw that, i decided not to stay up until 4AM lol
  16. Welcome to the forums!!
  17. The search and the indexing don't work for me either right now. It also shows zero results in the New Posts section, which is inconvenient. @stephen any idea what is up? The search on desktop mode (laptop) can be found in the right hand corner, symbolized by a looking glass, by the way - see my screenshot here. It should be right next to the envelope symbol in your case.
  18. No problem! Still worth watching and getting excited for in these days with no new content 🙂
  19. It's a rebroadcast of their Everyday Life era set (January 2020)
  20. A Message vs Swallowed in the Sea
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