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  1. Very difficult, both underrated masterpieces Square One vs White Shadows
  2. Don't worry, just be patient until next weekend. You'll see. Btw only the videos are used - not the audio, Phil confirmedπŸ˜‰
  3. Trouble in Town vs Your World Turns Upside Down
  4. I love the remix! It gives me X&Y vibes and has a dark, mysterious feel.
  5. Higher Power vs Higher Power (Zhu Remix)
  6. Did no one get that it was because of the line "we got the same hair" though?
  7. it said in the T&Cs that you won't get a message even if it is used And yes, we now know that sadly they will not be used for Glasto, but for BBC Weekend instead.
  8. Yes! Do you know why though? πŸ˜„
  9. The Goldrush vs A L I E N S
  10. No, but soon there won't be many songs from thatb album left πŸ˜„
  11. Yes it's from the EL album, but not that song...
  12. Um...i'm afraid you have to choose from the last post actually 😬
  13. yeah unfortunately you are 😩
  14. No... Think about what you see on the picture
  15. Yes but Glastonbury is Glastonbury! A special cover, or a guest appearance...can't imagine it being exactly the same as BBC Radio Big Weekend lol
  16. no... But you're on the right album with all your guesses so far..
  17. Yeah I know that, the concept of music/harmony of the spheres has been around since the Ancient Greeks. But a harmony is a common term in music and music theory. Coldplay songs (and all other music really) are full of harmonies... https://hellomusictheory.com/learn/harmony/
  18. Ah sure I will, but I also hold on to the hope that BBC Radio 1 is not the same as Glastonbury... πŸ˜›
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