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  1. As mentioned before, I liked Vol.1 but can't help to feel underwhelmed. It seems they just wanted to have fun, explore new stuff and play it live, which ultimately resulted in something more carefree, I won't use "lazy" because they clearly had a lot of effort into putting the era together for us. With that said, this and Vol.3 (which I'm not sure it exists) will likely be marketed as side albums, which gives me hope for them to concentrate fully in the art, they tried to balance things on Vol.1 but it didn't worked well. And please no more emojis, I have nothing against it but the only thing
  2. Just passing by to say whether MOTS is an underwhelming album or not we still can respect the band instead of writing them off, like seriously, I didn't saw anything particularly awful here but some fans are acting more like haters. Besides, did you guys expected Everyday Life after AHFOD? No, no one did! Let's just hope Vol.2 is better, I personally think it will since there's a side-project nature to it.
  3. The hype already wore off to me since I listened to the album early and well... People are either completely loving or completely hating the album, I feel weird for being in a middle ground. Not their best effort but far from being their worst.
  4. what if the melodic orbit in three parts thing is actually three singles (higher power, my universe, let somebody go) and we'll only get a second volume (there's only two symbols in the single cds)
  5. this is a wild beautiful album, i'm just happy that chris, guy, jonny, will and phil exist and are releasing new music right now, love them to the moon and back again 🎶❤️
  6. I thought the transition between Human Heart and People of the Pride would be a mess, so happy to be wrong right now.
  7. Let Somebody Go is amazing and Selena's voice matched Chris' very well. I don't care if it's a cheesy ballad, I love it.
  8. Humankind didn't hit me as expected, I think it's just a matter of getting used to it though.
  9. this only comes as a surprise to people outside of the pop realm to be honest, max martin has multiple major artists on chokehold for a reason besties
  10. i love how the fact this album is meant to be their commercial comeback didn't stoped them from making bold moves such as potp, infinity sign and coloratura, they're not just a band, they're ARTISTS
  11. what the hell was even infinity sign? that wasn't a song, it was an experience, WHEW! it's like viva la vida and ghost stories had a baby
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