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  1. Those user-based websites are kind of worthless to be honest. All Coldplay albums have made their ways into multiple year-end lists by critics, they never had a properly panned era.
  2. Try to send them an email, my Higher Power CD was late so they shipped another one.
  3. It's so weird to me how most Coldplay leads have average to low sales, the only ones to properly smash were Magic and Adventure of a Lifetime. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall might be a candidate too, but 6M in ten years is a bit underwhelming in my opinion.
  4. Orphans sold 1.7M and Higher Power 1M, considering how the former had much less time to gather units, it will probably end at 2-4M in the long run, that should put it in the same league as Violet Hill, In My Place, etc.
  5. higher power's chart-run in the uk: 12-25-19-21-23-20-21-24-24-29-23-28 the song is holding its sh*t together inside the top 40 surprisingly well, two more weeks and it will be their second most successful lead single in the region! not sure if we can reach 20 weeks charting in the top 100 though, but that would be wonderful
  6. I make the sales for Coldplay Charts and the streams to units ratio is a lot smaller for Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, etc. YouTube on the other hand tends to make more streams, but generate far less revenue since it's a "free" platform. The best way to support the band and increase their sales right now is focusing on paid methods!🧐
  7. YouTube was on their last breath during Everyday Life era, now it's completely dead unless you're Latin American or Korean. Ads ruined the user experience and they lowered the reach of all artists. But anyway, Higher Power sits at 50M with all versions, Orphans have around 60M by doing the same, it will be surpassed in some months.
  8. Just gave it a few more listens. Crazy how this collab had pretty much everything to go wrong and somehow managed to be my favorite after HFTW and Princess of China.
  9. it has to be my universe, they need to build more hype for the album
  10. I was listening to that snippet Chris played on Clubhouse (?) and I think the song in question is Let Somebody Go. The lyrics sound like post-break-up stuff and the title gives me vibes of when you love someone but the relationship doesn't work, so you need to let that person go because it's the only way to make them happy.
  11. Can we just agree that we need the boys to follow their hearts? I know the mainstream stuff is not up to everybody's taste, but just imagine how we simply wouldn't have this masterpiece if it wasn't for all the years of exploring new stuff ❤️
  12. Just had a good night of sleep and damn, I'm still in awe, they really did THAT. WHEW!
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