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  1. I can't access the stream outside of US. Pls somebody do share the recording as soon as possible....Can't wait!!
  2. Yeah I agree...it definitely sounds more catchy. I too like their older works better, but this one does sound good...definitely better than Higher Power imo
  3. Funny how 3 out of the 12 songs listed are interludes, and one of the other songs is 10 mins long!
  4. Was waiting so long for someone to put this all together! Thanks! Also, it is not making sense to me why they would invent two languages just for 3-4 min tracks 🤔
  5. Yeah, its only 53 seconds. Probably that's why they skipped naming it specifically in the video
  6. Also, People of the Pride is written twice, in two different languages.
  7. It's in the official video only, top right corner. Realized after posting that we already know the name of the song called "Let Somebody Go" Also, there is no mention of the "Star emoji" song title in the video
  8. No, that was Power of the People....part of the lyrics itself But yeah I also had the exact same thought😂😂
  9. Someone please decode the names of the songs with emoji titles...pleasee!!
  10. What if Vol.2 and 3 refer just to the Live album, and the succeeding LP we usually get? That would definitely be a let down looking at our expectations building up for 3 proper separate albums🤪😂
  11. It's written in the video that's has been shared, but in the respective languages. Got to decode
  12. Does the guitar riff on some parts remind anyone of 'Life is Beautiful' they performed live in Sao Paulo?
  13. Heeeyyyy! Would anyone please explain what is happening?? Are these new snippets some official release or a leak? What is the source? Where do I find them?
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