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  1. I'm having trouble finding a link to the leak.. Anyone?
  2. This is what I came up with Tuning: E-A-D-G-A#-D# This repeats for the verses and chorus(ooo ahhh) |--0---0--0------- D# |--0---0--0------- A# |--12--6--5-- G |--13--8--6-- D |--13--8--6-- A |--11--6--4-- E Then for the "and nothing else compares" |--x--x--0-- |--3--7--5-- |--3--6--5-- |--4--8--6-- |--4--8--6-- |--2--6--4-- Let me know if there're any errors
  3. What I have: See You Soon EGDDBd Viva La Vida D#AbFAbD# Hurts Like Heaven EBEG#BE U.F.O CGDGBD A Message FA#D#G#G#C# Up With The Birds EADGAD X&Y EADGCD# Swallowed In The Sea EADGBD#
  4. MP3 would be great! Same BPM as the studio recording, so 128? The key needs to be -2 semitones, and to my email- [email protected]
  5. I do know it! Hsha I just don't hdve anything to record with
  6. Any specific day to remind you? Cause school ends next week so I'd need to have it before then.
  7. Idk how to reply on this thing, but my band and I are reenacting the ASFOS music video at school and we need the piano track. So yes?
  8. Just bare bones piano. That'd be great! Please email me the video/audio. Thank you! :) [email protected] Edit: forgot to mention not with the melody, just the piano track. Thank ya :)
  9. My band and I would like to use it as a back track. Thanks! Edit: sorry, without electric/acoustic guitar, and without bass,
  10. What do you guys think the correct tuning is, or chords? I've seen Chris play it live, but what?? First post here, thanks for your interests.
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