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  1. @42EscapistI really hope it does connect to MX somehow
  2. His outfit looks almost identical to the one from MX, especially ETIAW video
  3. According to the band, they played a new song (apart from Higher Power, Human Heart, or ambient MOTS intro) at BBC R1's Big Weekend but it cannot be streamed yet so I suppose the song was cut from the show.
  4. New hologram tweet I suppose it says LOVE in Kaotican. But there's much more text which I can't read because it's small
  5. Has anyone noticed that Human Heart from R1 Big Weekend is exactly the same as from Glasto?
  6. That's a good guess if you ask me. Also, there's an entire reddit thread dedicated to this 'they're coming' thing.
  7. Well if it does link with Coldplay, and you said you had had your HP CD shipped at work address, then seems logical. But from what I've seen most of the recipients are not Coldplay fans
  8. Redditors recipients of postcards might have finally found what they had in common - they purchased something on a website called 'iam8bit', which seems to be heaven for gamers. So it's likely to be a videogames developing studio teasing a new game.
  9. the most strange thing is that a good number of people who got the cards are not coldplay fans at all. they have never bought merch/albums/attended gigs etc.
  10. Starting to doubt the version that postcards are Coldplay related
  11. yeah, most likely it's a collab. hoping for albarn or cocker or jorja smith at least. idles feat coldplay will be so much fun i swear haha
  12. Maybe 5 symbols represent members of the band? With Phil, of course.
  13. Every single Church performance you can find on the web, Jordan included, featured a vocal track that's on the album.
  14. That's a silly question but how do we check what's real and what's not regarding of 'live' performances? Live at Worthy Farm could also be pre-recorded, pre-mixed, beautifully edited etc.
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