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  1. that. is. so. f--d up man. maybe global covid-19 pandemic is a promotional shit of theirs as well.
  2. I completely forgot there were two different links. Thanks for making corrections.
  3. yeah, the warner guy said q4 2020 or q1 2021
  4. where did this title come from? did guy change ratino name to this one?
  5. The UK store was pending already in July. So nothing new here on this topic.
  6. Also, what if Coldplay break up and Phil releases a solo record saying there's him and there are 4 secret members. Music of the Phil
  7. let's admit that everything will happen the moment we least expect it to happen
  8. This is interesting (version 2.0) https://twitter.com/TylerJo63865391/status/1299799903489658881?s=20
  9. I remember those ones but I've only mentioned songs that out already
  10. This might be interesting. So, AROBTTH and Rainy Day are the only songs in the Coldplay catalogue to start with an R. BUT There was a post by Guy on Instagram holding the Road Rat magazine in his hands. I think this is a coincidence though
  11. Sooo have Coldplay suspended the MOTS trademark and it exists no more? Explain please.
  12. So it's the same version as the leaked one Case closed Thank you everyone
  13. never mind. enjoy your personal exclusive!
  14. could you at least record what you're listening to? so that it does not disappear into the void one day
  15. shame we can't get THE version pepperfish is up to. still doubt he's up to something different from the leaked one
  16. ok then. anyway, that snippet sounds super cheesy. not sure if i would like another song like this by the band
  17. have you seen heart on fire when searching the race there? what's about this track?
  18. I thought it would be ON instead of IN if you speak correct English?
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