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  1. Sooo have Coldplay suspended the MOTS trademark and it exists no more? Explain please.
  2. So it's the same version as the leaked one Case closed Thank you everyone
  3. never mind. enjoy your personal exclusive!
  4. could you at least record what you're listening to? so that it does not disappear into the void one day
  5. shame we can't get THE version pepperfish is up to. still doubt he's up to something different from the leaked one
  6. ok then. anyway, that snippet sounds super cheesy. not sure if i would like another song like this by the band
  7. have you seen heart on fire when searching the race there? what's about this track?
  8. I thought it would be ON instead of IN if you speak correct English?
  9. Why this exact date? We had July 7, July 10, August 3... Haven't heard anything about July 20.
  10. So the moons on the official site finally match, I think today we will see if it really means anything. In the meantime, Happy Parachutes day to everyone!
  11. I thought what if they just 'rented' the el era website design knowing that it would be only a short-term spin off?
  12. They might be just working on a single, not necessarily this means the entire album will be like that. But I'm gonna add that if LP9 happens to be poppy and dancy, I hope it will be MX poppy and dancy, not AHFOD-like.
  13. This thing's back! I'm kind of glad...
  14. well mostly it was keen on the date and that's it. it did post some weird cryptic stuff though
  15. noticed that too half an hour ago! presumably he got taken down...
  16. The song has leaked on Coldplay Discord chat. People keep DM'ing the link to each other.
  17. Thank you for explaining me that & sorry that I messed up with those symbols. Thought it was a brand new puzzle.
  18. @Sonny, when did you noticed the symbols? You said they 'have always been there'. Was it before the EL release?
  19. Damn, I didn't know that, sorry! I thought this was a completely new thing!
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