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  1. So this year I didn’t receive anything and neither did my package arrive, and this is what makes me sad the most Postal service can really suck
  2. So here I am, today I received something Thanks @Coeurli, as you can see, I got it in time!:heart_eyes: I love France, I’m studying French and I was so happy when I saw it was from that country! Thank you for the lovely souvenir from Paris, for those beautiful chocolates, I can’t wait to try them, and for that candle holder, it is so simple but at the same time wonderful with our four men hugging each other. Merci beaucoup Céline, j’ai aimé mon cadeau:heart:
  3. Today I got my Secret Santa package, such a wonderful surprise! Lauren, thank you for the chocolate, this is my favourite too! Thank you for the Xyloband: I only have those from the AHFOD Tour because I didn't have the opportunity to go to the Mylo Xyloto Tour, so I really enjoyed it! Thank you for the bottle of water, I didn't buy it during the Tour, so it's much appreciated! And finally, thank you for the card, you do live in a beautiful place! You've been so lovely, thank you for everything and Merry Christmas!:party::heart:
  4. Aw I'm so happy that you received this in time ( I didn't expect it to arrive there so early) and that you liked it, Merry Christmas:heart:
  5. Look at the stars, look how they shine for you

  6. Coldplay Live in Nice, 24/05/2016. A little late, but I have been busy with University recently so here I am and I'm reporting my experience. Sorry if my English is not very good:confused: Last year in November Coldplay announced the dates for the European Tour. I was very excited beacuse I was sure that I was finally going to see them for the first time ever but then something wretched happened. Italy was not one of the countries where they would go. That made me crying and I was very very sad in those days. But my mum knew how much I had always wanted to see them, how much I Ioved them and this is why she said to me that we could go to another country only for them, and this is how and why I bought my ticket for the concert in Nice. She likes Coldplay too ( but not as much as me:joy:) but unfortunately I didn't manage to buy a ticket for her too. So May arrived. It has been the longest countodown of my entire life ever. "How long must you wait for it?" I took some days off from school even if I was having my final exams and I went to Nice with my mum (I'm 18 and she would never let me go abroad alone) on 22nd. I visited the beautiful city and on 23rd something amazing happened. We were sitting on a bench along the seaside when suddenly my mum said "Sara, look! There's Phil over there". I thought that she was joking or something like that but when I turned my head I saw him, I saw Phil! I couldn't believe it. Me, that girl who had dreamed about them for years, who had always thought that she would have never had the possibility to see them, was in that moment meeting the fifth element of the band, Phil Harvey! I called him and he politely stopped and we talked for some minutes and we took a photo too. He asked me where I was from and he was very surprised to hear that I was from Italy, and then he promised me that they would come to Italy the next year. Oh God, he was so kind, sweet and beautiful too. I had reached one of my biggest dreams even if I couldn't realise it in that moment. When he left I started crying, I was too moved. Then, around six o'clock, we went to the stadium and they were doing the soundcheck. When we arrived there, the first song we heard was Fix You. I couldn't believe what my ears were hearing, I was hearing that song being performed live! I had the opportunity to hear See You Soon too, my favourite B-side. Then we and some other fans waited for them to come out; around half past eleven pm they came out, but they didn't stop. Well, now what will surprise you is that I spent the night outside the stadium with my mum, because I had a normal standing ticket and not the gold standing ticket, so at least I wanted to reach the first row in my area. I have to admit that only 6/7 people spent the night outside the stadium and that night was so cold and freezing, and I was so sorry for my mum about it. Mum, "I never meant to cause you trouble". Obviuosly that night we didn't sleep. The morning came and at half past four am I went queuing and I was the first! Only at four o'clock pm they opened the gate. The time seemed not to pass. While I was queuing my mum had to wait outside the stadium. I felt very very sorry for her, she had done so much for me. During the soundcheck of that day I was blessed to hear One I Love! Finally the gates opened and the only thing I remember is that I ran and I ran and I ran so much, I thought that I was going to die. I didn't feel the breath but I had to run for them and I'm so glad to say that I reached the first row in my area. I reached that dream. Luckily I made some friends too. Well, in that moment I realise that it was going to happen. Soon I would see them. The openers where Alessia Cara and Lianne Las Havas, two wonderful and talented girls but I have to admit that I was only waiting for those four guys that we all love. "I'm sorry, but I don't want to be an emperor" Yes, the concert was officially starting! I was screaming, crying, shivering during The Great Dictator's Speech when A Head Full Of Dreams came in. I began to sing as I never had done. I was singing with Chris Martin. Oh, I'm crying while writing this now. Then Yellow, my favourite love song, and Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall with a fabulous blaze of confetti. I was living the Dream. Then The Scientist. My heart was crying too. I mean, The Scientist is my favourite song, I cry everytime I listen to it, imagine me while listening to it live. Then you know the setlist so I will tell you about the B ad the C stage. On the B stage they performed Magic, Army Of One and Everglow. How funny was to hear Chris introducing the band in French! I will upload the video (oh dear, sorry for my awful voice). When they came to the B stage I saw them so closely, oh my God, I couldn't believe what I was seeing and what I was living. On the C stage they performed only Ink and Us Against The World, two amazing songs! I loved all the setlist, but how can I forget tha Viva chorus, the Xylobands during Charlie Brown or the baloons during Adventure Of A Lifetime? There are some things that you remember better. For example, I remember Jonny performing the Amazing Day Intro on the B stage, my JonnyBoy:heart: Unluckily I had not the opportunity to see some Buckin moments:sob: Then, Up&Up came in, I was so happy to sing it but sad beacuse I knew that everything was finishing. And then Chris said goodbye and goodnight to all of us. We started the Viva chorus again but obvoiusly they did not appear. Oh my God. I made it. I realised my dream. I picked up some confetti and I went towards the exit. I was crying my heart out, I was the happiest girl of the world but at the same time the saddest too. I reached my mum, we walked for 2km to reach our bus park to take our bus for coming back home. I spent the whole night crying. Now, seven months later, I can say that I have been very very lucky, I have to say a big thank you to my parents and a very very big thank you to those four boys (plus one). I really love them and they can make me always happy. So this is my stoy from My Head Full Of Dreams. I want to say to you "Believe in miracles", they can really happen, just be patient and have faith in them. To those who're still waiting for them, you'll see them soon, trust me. Now I'm so excited beacuse I'm doing another great countodown, I'll see them for the second time in July, and this time here in Italy! Thank you to everyone for making my wishes come true:heart: Me and Phil:heart_eyes: This could be Para-Para-Paradise:heart: This beautiful stage in Nice:heart: This is Chris introducing the band in French: [MEDIA=instagram]BF3vdDGjznj[/MEDIA]
  7. [ATTACH=full]3726[/ATTACH] I finally received my package from Jeff, from Washington! I find this so amazing: you don't know from whom you are going to receive something and it's so exciting! So thank you very much dear! I've seen that you've already been to Italy, when? Hope you liked it :) And thanks for having written something also in Italian! The magnet is already on my fridge, I love collecting magnets from all the cities :) Thank you so much :)
  8. I'll stay home and I'll spend Christmas Day with my relatives as always :)
  9. This is the first time for me and I'm so excited[emoji7] This is a lovely way to connect Coldplayers! :)
  10. I've never won anything So I hope this is gonna by my opportunity
  11. Nobody said it was easy It's such a shame for us to part Nobody said it was easy No one ever said it would be this hard Oh take me back to the start Nessuno ha detto che era facile E' un peccato dividerci Nessuno ha detto che era facile Nessuno aveva mai detto che sarebbe stato così difficile Oh riportami all’inizio The Scientist in Italian :)
  12. Sara42

    Hi :) : D

    Che fortuna hai avuto ad incontrare Chris?[emoji7][emoji7] Non sai che invidia!
  13. Here's my entry :)[ATTACH=CONFIG]32041[/ATTACH]
  14. Sara42

    Hellooo :D

    Hi! I'm Sara, I'm 17 and I'm from Italy :) I'm following Coldplay since 2008, when first I heard Viva La Vida :) I hope to find many people who love Coldplay as me :)
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