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  1. So now Everyday Life has been out in the world for nearly a month, I think it's time to make your ultimate album ranking. Most of the time we rank the albums from best to worst or in different tiers but without really giving scores. I challenge you to rank the album, based on the average score of of all the songs. Not counting single releases, b-sides or EP's or songs/interludes shorter than 1 minute. I'll start (you can copy-paste this and give individual scores): Results Average scores and album ranking: 1. Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends 8.67 2. Everyday Life 8.11 3.
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000bnfy According to this, starting at 07:00 PM (GMT) Including a ''special cover''
  3. So wait, I also got the code using the VPN. But do you guys think we'll be allowed entrance if we have tickets but we're not UK citizens? Will they even check it?
  4. So it appears they will play at Maida Vale at the 27th of November. Link Thoughts about setlists?
  5. So, the Maida Vale thing seems to be happening at the 27th of November LINK
  6. I always felt that this song is a " Up With The Birds pt. 2"
  7. You do realize that the guitar riff from Talk was not written by Jonny either right? :innocent:
  8. Wild thought: what if the acoustic guitar parts are mostly Jonny's doing (wishful thinking)? That would explain why we ''hear'' him so little on the electric guitar.
  9. I really hope this will be a full Chris and Jonny acoustic duet. And Jonny rocking the hell out of the last part :heart_eyes:
  10. 12 :joy::joy:that doesn't do Birds and Up&Up justice
  11. 1. VLVODAAHF 2. AROBTTH 3. MX 4. EL 5. X&Y 6. Parachutes 7. AHFOD 8. GS I feel like EL would be higher in the ranking if it had more fully formed songs instead of the snippets and choir/gospel parts. I'm just not a big fan of that but I love that they're really doing what they like. And that the album is so diverse in terms of styles, it really is an album to listen from beginning to end.
  12. I don't really get why Champion of the World is so hyped. I mean I like the song a lot, but for me it doesn't really stand out. It's a very good Coldplay song that captures their whole sound. But Trouble in Town on the other hand is on a whole different level. I thought Arabesque was extremely good, but TiT is more than I could ever imagine a Coldplay song to be. So good. Maybe even their best song ever. I just can't express it. Lost for words. Thank you Coldplay.
  13. So for now my short review and ranking: 1. Trouble in Town - holy shit this is so good. The ambient dark vibe, with the heavy bass and the outburst with drums is soooo good. Maybe their best song ever IMO 2. Church - I get, the Race vibes. It's very ambient as well. Nice guitar by Jonny and the woman's voice at the end is magical. 3. Champion of the World Coldplay in it's essence. It encapsulates it all. Great song. Needs another listen. 4. Daddy So beautiful. X&Y and Gravity vibes. So emotional and heartfelt lyrics. I like the way Chris sings it. Could use some more Jonny th
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