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  1. I don't really get why people think the song is so 'generic'. It's catchy yes (we're used to this since the last decade with Coldplay singles) but in my opinion not that generic as most people seem to argue about. Here are some reasons why: There are a lot of interesting things happening in the backgrond: Jonny's little guitar riffs and noises (I agree, I wish Jonny would be a little more present or audible, but it works for me. I hope he will be more present during the live performances (like SJLT/Paradise/HLH). The synths are like the best synths they've ever done in
  2. I'm really so positively surprised. I feared that the song would turn out to be quite a 'generic' pop song, but no way. Coldplay has once again delivered! The bridge is awesome, the production, hell, all instruments sound great. It's catchy but it's not too much 'in your face'. Needs a couple more listens, but that is often a good sign when it comes to Coldplay songs! I'm totally ready for this era. Bring it on boys!
  3. Thank you! And wow, how amazing does Something Just Like This sound!?😍
  4. I've only been around since Viva, but damn... I COMPLETELY AGREE.
  5. I love the vibe. It sounds really catchy 80s pop but with a real Coldplay signature! I bet there will be an awesome solo by JB somewhere near the end. So excited!
  6. So now Everyday Life has been out in the world for nearly a month, I think it's time to make your ultimate album ranking. Most of the time we rank the albums from best to worst or in different tiers but without really giving scores. I challenge you to rank the album, based on the average score of of all the songs. Not counting single releases, b-sides or EP's or songs/interludes shorter than 1 minute. I'll start (you can copy-paste this and give individual scores): Results Average scores and album ranking: 1. Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends 8.67 2. Everyday Life 8.11 3.
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000bnfy According to this, starting at 07:00 PM (GMT) Including a ''special cover''
  8. So wait, I also got the code using the VPN. But do you guys think we'll be allowed entrance if we have tickets but we're not UK citizens? Will they even check it?
  9. So it appears they will play at Maida Vale at the 27th of November. Link Thoughts about setlists?
  10. So, the Maida Vale thing seems to be happening at the 27th of November LINK
  11. I always felt that this song is a " Up With The Birds pt. 2"
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