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  1. 3:20-3:40 in Aliens! not in the documentary hahaha. In the documentary the similar part starts around 43:40
  2. Pretty sure I can make out similar lyrics from the clip too (I hear the word skyline somewhere in there) -- It's a little different but I'm willing to bet that song was a version of A L I E N S long ago. Wow
  3. EXACTLY the part i'm talking about. I'm low-key convinced that A L I E N S is that song being played
  4. Wow I really liked that! Do you guys remember that little 10 second clip that is in some interview/documentary thing of an unreleased song people thought might be LiLD? That last part really sounds like a version of that melody! :eek: I will try to find that clip but ya that was an amazing song
  5. In the night the stormy night, away she'd fly
  6. To do well in baseball, you gotta get a lot of hits. Coldplay have a lot of hits. Referees
  7. Maybe "A Light In Every Neighborhood and School"
  8. Unrelated but congrats to JC90 on becoming a staff member! :)
  9. Love your youtube channel man!! Keep up the good stuff :)
  10. Holy shit I was listening thru the album again with headphones at a very high volume and I hit color spectrum... the first beyonce echos scared the shit out of me ngl (it's nighttime so i guess like it being dark made it a bit more jumpier haha) like i thought someone had popped out into my room or something ahhh
  11. Birds :heart: :dazzled: on a completely unrelated note I was trying to find a good emoji that represented my thoughts for birds, and I found these gems :elephant: :elmo: :furious3:
  12. I don't like Major Minus either yoooo finally someone else who shares. You also think MX is really good right? I think we're on the same page haha!
  13. everyone else is doing it so I'll give my two cents as well: AHFOD: 8.5/10 Personally liked it a little more live, but it's still a solid album opener in the studio version. Birds: 8/10 This one is really cool- at first when I heard the kaleidoscope clips I thought this was gonna be bad, but it really did surprise me. Guitar is beautiful and most of Chris' singing is nice too. Some of Chris' vocal melodies were a bit weird imo, and I really hope that they changed the ending because it's kinda weird and abrupt. HFTW: 4.5/10 Meh *next song* Everglow: 9/10 This one resonated wi
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