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  1. It used to work.... That's weird!
  2. Good choice! But mine is definitely Paradise. Every Teardrop is a strong competitor though. Paradise's just an amazing song and I love Jonny's guitar in this song in particular. Will's drum too! And I love the ''Para-para... paradise duet'' between Will and Chris. Actually everything in this song is great in my opinion. It makes me feel happy and it's a catchy song as well
  3. Gideon_Mx

    The song Game!

    Empress by Snow Patrol
  4. That's literally the biggest dream I have, Coldplay with a huge orchestra live! Really just imagine them playing Paradise, Up&Up, Politik or Speed Of Sound with a big orchestra next to the band during their live shows
  5. What a beautiful dream for us Coldplayers, right?!
  6. Hi Stephen, I was just wondering how it's going with downloading as it's been a few days! No need to rush by the way
  7. Yes, it was Amsterdam live in Amsterdam, 2016. Have you ever forgotten the name of a Coldplay's song?
  8. They are tuuurning my heaaad ouuuuuuuuuuut........
  9. Yes, me neither! Really looking forward to it (already)
  10. Hmm..... Screenshot made at exactly 1:36. So that means nothing to you at all!??? ;)
  11. Ahaha, what a coincidence! Such things happen to me as well (sometimes). For example, I can remember plenty of times that I was walking in a store for example and suddenly a radio station starts playing Coldplay! There's also something with the number 42. It seems that almost everwhere I go (not literally, just often) there's always something (a house number, a license plate, or a road (number)) that has ''42'' in it and I'm like: ''Seriously, are you kidding me?''. It sounds a bit stupid but I'm not making this up Funnily enough, a few hours ago I was watching a talk show on television
  12. And thank you very much for your effort Stephen! I've been searching it for ages and can't wait to finally relive it again!!!
  13. Yep, but as Stephen said, that 19th November show wasn't part of the iHeartRadio Music Festival. That performance was just organised by iHeartRadio I guess!
  14. Hi, yes I do! I know the festival took place on the 18th and 19th of September, in 2015. Coldplay played on Friday, September 18th (according to setlist.fm)
  15. A question to everyone who sees this: does anyone have the full concert of Coldplay live at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas 2015? I can't seem to find the full show anywhere on the internet. I was really hoping someone has it! @stephen
  16. Oceans (Ghost Stories Live 2014) vs Every Teardrop (Live in Buenos Aires)
  17. So beautiful, thanks for sharing, I'm already getting goosebumps watching this video..... This was the best Coldplay era in my opinion!
  18. Why would they put/hide something related to a Los Unidades project in the Everyday Life booklet?
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