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  1. Chris' guitars!?! Seems that they also keep Champion Of The World, Guns and Lovers In Japan this era!!!!!! Perhaps for the Live at Worthy Farm set?
  2. Have to agree with that! It's indeed the single riffs and melodies (and solos xD) what makes him shine and that's where he's really at his best!!!
  3. Chinese Sleep Chant vs Army Of One
  4. It's a great single, but I make sure to not hear it 42 times a day or so and not being able to listen to it anymore 'cause you go crazy so I just try to not listen to it for about half a day, then stream the studio version and/or live version and be able to enjoy it a lot!
  5. Amazing and that echo's just beautiful! Taken from the original not the live version right? Hearing it like this, reminds me a bit of U2's Edge!
  6. Careful Where You Stand vs Everyday Life
  7. Isn't that Will's voice you're referring to? By the way it totally makes sense what you're saying, but it's hard to hear the difference between Guy and Will because they sing the same notes indeed. I think it's actually Will's voice that is so loud. Guy turns away his head from the mic around 4:20 and the level of volume of the voice stays exactly the same. You see?
  8. That's right, but, I assume, you knew that parts of ASFOS like the ''I don't care go on and tear me apart'', ''I think I saw youuu'' lines were also lip synced throughout the whole A Head Full Of Dreams tour basically. This is correct! There's a few times where Chris does sing only the outro live, you can clearly hear the difference between the lip sync Chris and the real live Chris.
  9. Exactly, same here! It's just that there is no need for them to sound "perfect" you know. That's why those live performances are always so pure and special, magical if you like. They don't need that heavy post production. I really dislike it, to be honest. Otherwise, every performance (Higher Power in this case) would sound exactly the same. Imagine having 10 more of these pre-recorded or heavy post produced "live performances" of Higher Power this year, that would just be so boring because everything you see wouldn't be played live by the band! Coldplay do NOT need it, they are already
  10. After hearing the official studio version of Higher Power for about, let's say...., 20-30 times or so, I can really say that this is currently my favourite studio version of any Coldplay song to listen to these days. It's really been a long time since I actually love a studio version THAT much (so thanks Max!). To begin with, as we've all seen it everywhere many people were (and still are) quite sceptical about the studio version of HP and there's so much negativity about it since its release which is a shame. Because the studio version is NOT bad, the studio version is actually freaking GOOD.
  11. It's not just you! You can clearly hear it at the ''happy that I'm [[ALIVE]]'' part!
  12. If you're deep into this thing + if you have good ears, you'll notice it for sure. Listen to the American Idol and the BRITs performance, they are identical in the mix. Except for Chris's vocals.
  13. Exactly!!!! The American Idol and BRITs performances of Higher Power (both mixed + pre-recorded) are definitely great but they are (promo)performances only to promote the new single, after all. To be honest, I'm more excited and looking forward to the real live performances of Higher Power, with actually live guitars (bass+electric) and live drums + Will's backing vocals (hopefully the Live at Worthy Farm show) instead of these post produced, almost ''perfect sounding'' (as CP-EST said), live versions. We shouldn't expect them to have live synths or so, it would be great if they had at least s
  14. Yes, that's right. All the instruments were mixed and pre-recorded for the Superbowl Halftime show in 2016. Except for Chris's vocals, + the other artists that have sung on Coldplay's songs I guess. About the Everyday Life (Live in Jordan) performance, it's been all over the internet (YouTube/Twitter/Coldplaying) that Chris's vocals during the first song, Church, were NOT live. Everyone was thinking the same thing.
  15. Exactly, same here. Waiting for a real LIVE performance that doesn't sound "perfect because of the post production, however it's called. The Live at Worthy Farm show will be more of a live performance (that hasn't already mixed all the instruments beforehand), hopefully! The American Idol and BRITs performances of Higher Power (both (probably) pre-recorded) are great but they are (promo)performances to just promote the new single after all. So I'm really looking forward to the real live performances of Higher Power, it will always sound a bit different (which is a good thing)!
  16. Maybe a little bit! It does have the same kind of style but it's obviously a different letter/symbol.
  17. ''Light'' it says! It was also seen in the video for Higher Power! The other amplifier (in the music video) says ''love''.
  18. Every Teardrop vs Everyday Life
  19. That's what I thought. It looked like it was pre-recorded. It's also probably the exact same recording like the American Idol performance
  20. It's really annoying that new posts get hidden so often for no reason. It's SUPER annoying when you try and want to post things. Hopefully it will get fixed soon, dear moderators.
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