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  1. Adele can beat anyone shes a juggernaut in sales,, when coldplay were in their peak she wasnt even known yet, but here she is bigger than coldplay now.
  2. UK Midweek Chart (Thursday) 1 Coldplay - Everyday Life (74.7k) * 2 Robbie Williams - The Christmas Present (60.5k) * 3 Rod Stewart - You're In My Heart (33.7k) 4 Lewis Capaldi - Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent (20.3k) 5 Michael Ball & Alfie Boe - Back Together (15.4k) Uk lloks safe and yes they did eventually get #1 no matter what week they stilll got that #1 consecutive record. In US tho they are at #5 US market seems so commercial
  3. you have a point but a s a chart fan im just a little frustrated
  4. some bands even with surprise releases get to #1 still. Coldplay's fan base in US is shrinking very after release of each album
  5. Here we gonna talk about Everyday life's chart run: So far it looks bad in US they are behind Jason Aldean for #1 annd are only up for 80K for firstweek. What are they a second rate band? they should do more, whats up with their US fanbase? Have they lost that much fans in US?
  6. Good minkmial aet but too much of a arobtth copycat so no
  7. he is one of the fake fans who can never be pleased with being indie or mainstream
  8. you sir are unpleasable like some fans are being indie or mainstream can never satisfy you
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