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  1. Asked Siri out of curiosity...
  2. I used the .wav file and had no problem. Was great listening to this album after a long time, and now comes the time for me to put it on repeat and get a little sick of it then stop for a while then repeat the cycle!
  3. Definitely one of my favourite performances of Clocks, up there with the LeftRightLeftRightLeft recording
  4. I prefer the album piano outro to Paradise than the live one, but I guess it was changed to have the crowd sing the "oohhh" part. "You're f– incredible!"
  5. To me, it sounds like Guy's about to cry
  6. I really like the sound of that little guitar part Jonny plays throughout the song
  7. I really really like these interludes. I could just imagine an album full of super stripped back versions of Coldplay songs.
  8. Even as an oldplayer, I admit Princess of China has grown on me a bit lately
  9. Love this version of God Put a Smile although I didn't really like those parts where Chris switched the lyrics to "all the girls/boys scream..." etc
  10. I actually almost forgot Violet Hill was recorded, even with my amazing ability to memorise Coldplay setlists very quickly
  11. This probably my favourite version of Yellow officially released
  12. The singalong! I'm getting flashbacks from my show last April 4.
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