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  1. -Life in technicolor II -Glass of water -Up with the birds
  2. I hope that as soon as the video is available Coldplaying the places now because I have a great desire to see one of their performances
  3. good evening guys the show tonight can we only listen to anything streaming video?
  4. Completely agree. W Coldplay and all his albums
  5. I think this album is very special if as they say this is the closing of a cycle it could mean that LP8 it is different they often like to change and I like that makes them unique at least for me
  6. Everglow is one of my favorite songs in the new album. For me the best song for now is UP&UP but with a listening other things could change. I'm waiting to hear it again on 4 december
  7. yeah i love all the work made with Viva and prospekt's march edition...
  8. certainly could not do any albums like Viva la Vida but I when listening I miss those days just like you said. the world without Viva la vida would be boring lol
  9. I especially like the atmosphere of Viva la Vida I believe no other band in the world can do a job like that.
  10. Me too i love Viva la Vida above all Life in tecnicolor II (prospekt's march edition)
  11. I agree birds is great but there are other songs that deserve much
  12. thank you. is really great talk together here.
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