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  1. This definitely IS something :)
  2. I think that the poster was actually adjusted not to stand out too much from the rest of the EL, but the music and the era itself will be something totally different
  3. It was a nice wait though, at least we feel a little bit closer to the new album. Now let's see what May 11th brings.
  4. So, if 2nd April 2020 is THE day, it's exactly one month from now. Looking forward!
  5. Hi guys, so it might have appeared here already, but the trademark Music of the spheres was submitted by Chris, Jonny, Guy and Will. https://trademarks.justia.com/880/46/music-of-the-88046174.html The more interesting thing is that it was actually refused and asked for reconsideratiom on december 23, 2019? After EL was released already. If it was here already, sorry for double posting!
  6. any news about The Race?

  7. No news for The Race? :(
  8. ri3o

    Los Unidades

    Official instagram account @losunidades is in place as well
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