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  1. Hear it few times, not bad at all!As it was previusly announced is not a 'Coldplay' song,not their genre (i guess those 2 guys used Chris to get more views:relieved:) but I just love the piano part of Chris (which was already posted some time ago in Instagram) and as always, I love each note the Jonny take off from his guitar, he nailed it again,at least on live version. We won't hear it live, we'll had Kaleidoscope EP, which will be Coldplay sound at all:)
  2. As Clocks is my favourite song,the which gave the opportunity to discover them,I have to share my point of view... I read what you said and in some way he seems lipsynching the 'you are' part...but I can't believe Chris doing it for the whole tour,for a song like Clocks is! So i re watched the video that i did during Manchester show and he seems like he's singing the whole song normally..so,I can understand that if he has some vocal problem during the tour maybe he had to preserve his voice by skipping 'hard parts' in some song (singing as he do,at his age,for 2 hours,more than 3 times a wee
  3. They're always good..And in 2011 they weren't in the middle of a tour....
  4. Bit sad about 'you are' part of clocks, but I can understand Btw, Will all-around quality in this tour is such Amazing! :O
  5. And I've asked 'Til kingdom come in Manchester but they didn't choose it.. Can't believe to hear it now...Amazing song :)
  6. It's fantastic to hear them live, expecially while I've to study :D :D And I noticed that during AOAL you can also hear the piano line very clear and its really nice!
  7. Amazing!...I've to try to listen them, put up my xyloband and I close my eyes and see if I'll be once again with them :lol::drunk:
  8. Oh, no problem for it...When Charlie Brown will be played you'll have an amazing view...Or better, you'll be glowing in the dark!:smartass:
  9. As I've been in Manchester and even if it was my first live, I think that daylight is not that problem..The beginning was really awsome and, for example, Birds is amazing with a bit of sunshine left and confetti falling!:blush: Here's a pic I took in that moment!
  10. Ahahahah I can't believe that! You were the 2 french girl near us right?we were all so close each other,awsome I wish to be able to find if someone of you were close to me but I didn't have mobile connection as I'm not from england and I was saving up battery for the concert!:awesome: So glad we all had an amazing night!
  11. Yes, I think you're right! We two have always glasses on, the other two guys were brother and sister,but he doesn't wear glasses! Anyway I'm really happy for you...You'll something amazing to tell to your sons! :lol:
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