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  1. Thanks @I ran away for the video, I knew I could count on you and your camera. :D That's OK, it's OK, it's OK. I think you made the right decision. :D Thanks [uSER=100956]@Stephen[/uSER] for your review, I was in London at that gate and I didn't know people were actually trying to sneak in that way. That's NOT OK. A lot happened over there, I'm not a great writer but I'll try to write down my experience as someone who didn't get a ticket and who went to London but didn't get in. To start, I have to explain that I have been very busy at work since July and it all became super busy at the time Coldplay announced the new album. I didn't have any time to follow up and I decided to wait until the day of the album release to listen to any of the songs (well, except Orhpans, Everyday Life and Arabesque (who became my daily reminder that there was an album release going to happen)). I hated it but I even muted and blocked people on Twitter because they were heavily spoiling the album leak. o_O When Coldplay announced the NHM concert I didn't hesitate for a second, I went to my boss and asked 2 days off. :D Gladly he is a music lover too and he granted me those 2 days, asking me to stay in touch in case some questions had to be answered. OK, I can do that, except maybe on Monday. :D So I immediately booked my Eurostar tickets and hotel and then went back into Coldplay hibernation mode until Thursday evening when a very important deadline would have been reached at work. Thanks Coldplay for waiting until Friday 22th. I loved the Sunrise concert and went to work, got home in the afternoon and listened to Sunset. And then it hit me that the next day the ticket sale was for a 1 time only concert. :eek: I'll spare you the details of the ticket horror - I think I wrote them on CPING somewhere - but on Sunday, I left to London without a ticket and with no hope at all to get to the concert. But, I was so looking forward to finally meet some Coldplayers who I know from Twitter and to meet some fans again I saw at previous concerts. First thing to do on Sunday was to buy the Sunday Times and after dropping of my suitcase in the hotel I went to The Bakery - I always have to go and see if someone is around. I met some nice Italian fans, one of them was Fabio. We talked about going to concerts and meeting Coldplay and I just could feel the common ticket sale disappointment and also the hope to get in. On Monday I first went to Bricklane to buy a third copy of the album - I ordered it on the Coldplay store, also a 2nd one to get a code but they weren't shipped yet - and then got to the museum where I met some Coldplayers. One of them was Ben, who was so lucky to get a ticket. Seeing him so happy and excited made me forget my disappointment. By then I already had accepted the fact that I would not be attending the concert. Met a lot of other fans and we took pictures to tweet to Coldplay. We saw some of the Coldplay crew inspecting the room and when we were asked to leave the museum I got the chance to ask R42 to make some nice pictures for us. He promised to do his very best. :) I had a chat with @I ran away, promised to do a bit better my best to keep in touch. And then we all walked to the gates to meet up with other fans. I met Fabio again who was holding up his sign, I really hoped he would get in. A car stopped by and Phil came out and I think he was surprised to find himself into the middle of a group of disappointed Coldplayers. He was so sweet and explained he couldn't do anything for us. He couldn't even invite his family. OK, the waiting continued. We also had a discussion with a guy who was selling 4 tickets for 500£ each! I just didn't believe him. He was pretty rude and kept saying that he would go in and we could pay him when we got in. Right, but 500£? No thanks. And then I remembered the tweet Debs sent about a scammer trying to sell tickets. I looked it up and our guy really looked the same as the one who was on the profile picture of Debs' tweet. So, we got his scam revealed. :imp: Btw, we never saw him enter the gate with the general ticket holders. HA! Door opening time got closer so I decided to go to the general entrance gate and queue up there for another hour or so and there I met my Italian friend Fabio again. Security was not very friendly, first they were saying that we would have no chance at all to get in without a ticket; later they were shouting to make a proper queue, then they said let's see what we can do for you, ... I have to admit that there were fans who were not respectful at all and just mingled in or next to the people who were standing there for ages. Then we saw the ticket holders enter, Ben, @I ran away,... until everybody was in. It didn't seem that many people so I totally believed the number of 300 fans that was going around. A few minutes after the gate was closed I heard shouting and people yelling on the other side where the gate of the invited people was. So I ran over there and apparently some tickets were given away. It was a chaos over there, a fan I met before was run over by some lucky people and got hurt. :( I also heard that people just grabbed tickets out of the Coldplay crew member's hand. :( We just stayed at that gate and kept waiting, security gave us hope there would be some more tickets. I saw 2 Coldplay crew members who were apperently checking out how many fans were still over there. But we didn't have any luck, no more tickets were given. I stayed around until the concert was about to be over and decided to go to my hotel. The whole day happened like in a haze, a stormy haze. The next day I went to the Bakery again to drop off the letter and present I had for the band. When I arrived I was greeted by Fabio again. He told me he managed to get to the concert because he stayed in the queue at the general gate when everyone else had ran to the other gate. For a second I hated myself because I didn't stay with him, apparently he was a very lucky guy. :D After a while I ran away arrived and I showed her the message I wrote on the bench in front of the Bakery for her in 2018. :) Some fans from Brazil arrived and I think they had called on the Bakery door because when we looked around the corner they were talking with the nice Coldplay crew member I have often seen there and who I a present for the band on my previous visit in June. He was handing out some signed LPs and drumheads to those fans and was chatting in Italian with them. I Ran Away, an other fan and I waited politely and when he turned to get in again I asked him to give my present to the band. He was thanking me for the present and asked me where I was from. I told him I was Belgian and then he said to wait a second, went in and came out with 3 more drumheads. He handed one to I ranaway and the other fan and he said: this is a special one for you. And OMG, I really was flabbergasted. Then it was time for me to get back to the hotel to pick up my suitcase and to take the Eurostar back to Brussels. I think I had the biggest smile upon my face during the whole journey back home. So, maybe I didn't get to the Coldplay concert, but I did meet a lot of nice Coldplayers and even got home with a present that means the world to me. I just love Coldplay. :heart: The only thing I do regret is that this Everyday Life era seems to be like in "a blink and miss them" way. :( I even didn't have a chance to catch up with everything. Next thing to look forward is my Coldplay bundle who seems to be finaly on its way to me :rolleyes: (I do hope it gets here before the era is over).
  2. Then I might have faced the same. :eek: Did you use a VPN? Strange that PayPal was an option, because you needed proof that it's your account. By showing the APP ?
  3. I have booked my Eurostar tickets as soon as I saw the concert notification. I'll be spending 3 days in London.
  4. Oh no. That is terrible. :scream: I got in, saw a ticket appear like 3 times but by the time I clicked to select 2 it disappeared again. So frustrating.
  5. Well, there is a change in the moon phase in approximately 10 minutes, let's see.
  6. Coldplay hasn't confirmed anything yet, so it isn't even sure the album will release on 22 November 2019. :p A fan on Twitter says that the 15 second snippet is a mix of The Charlie Chaplin's The Circus Prospers intro and MMIX. Anyone else who is hearing that? If so, it might be possible that they are rearranging older Coldplay material, perhaps even songs we never have heard before. And remember the Batman interview? I submitted the question "Being older, wiser and having a lot of knowledge and experience: if you've got the chance to rewrite 1 song, which one would it be and how would it sound?" Maybe they liked the idea after all. :D They told us they will be full of surprises.
  7. At least I was right about something :
  8. No, it is Coldplay who is f*****g with my brain! :p In Dutch we say "iemand blij maken met een dode mus", loosely translated: "make someone happy with a dead sparrow". But it is still exciting to hear something this extraordinary. They've got my attention.
  9. Don't get my hopes down. :p But this feels more like an outro. Anyway, we will know when they finally release the whole song. And please Coldplay, make that soon! (AOAL was released 6 days after AHFOD posters started to appear, so ...)
  10. :scream: Then I won't buy the album.
  11. Everytime I hear it, I get the lines "When I fall in love" into my head. And now I know why, it has a bit of a Nat King Cole sound in it. I agree that it is a part of a song, otherwise Guy, Chris and Jonny would be jobless. Will can play the violin. :D
  12. That's why I'm a bit reluctant to follow all teasers, rumours, ... I don't want to have too many expectations that it is going into a specific direction. But I'm pretty confident that they can't turn this beautiful piece into a pop song.
  13. it certainly feels like the ending of a song. Could be representing the moon. Also, I can totally imagine Chris as a crooner.
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