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  1. coldplaying never disappoints! great work guys!
  2. triple-posting (?) new date in la plata, 15 Nov. https://www.allaccess.com.ar/event/coldplay
  3. well, sorry for double-post, but it seems coldplay got sold-out in less than 1.5 hours in Bs.As. crazy as always.
  4. hi all! i little bit update of this gig. early tickets (pre-sale) went nuts on monday. sold-out in less than 2.5 hours (!), you only have the chance if you were client of a account. the general sale was scheduled for monday 17, but yesterday was brought foward for today. I was 13000 in the virtual queue, but a friend of mine was 3000, so i got tickets for Bs.As.! I also think that will be sold out soon, but will take time because allaccess allows only 20 person per minute to access the site. well going for my fourth AHFOD show, and i thought it impossible after being 2 years in europe
  5. i cameback here to confirm this freaking info. i though europe was my last chance to see them. Bra or Arg, if the gigs are confirmed, we will be there. for a 4th, 5th and, why not, a 6th AHFOD concert! :D A Tour Full of Dreams <3
  6. yes, plus the white from LA version (some european gigs got white too)
  7. they played amsterdam holly cow... i guess it from the first time i saw this show, and i had it ticket in the shopping cart but i didn't got it, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghahgahsjkdhalsdkhasdlk :( that's the reason i went to barcelona because i couldn get ticket for this show :(
  8. Til Kingdom Come!!!!!!!!!!!! i think the last time was in Chile.
  9. [MEDIA=instagram]BGz_OXZndbS[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BGz_OXZndbS/ i'm pretty sure that he also was in 16th concert, i was next to him in the queue before it reordered by the staff... wow.
  10. Confidence in you, is confidence in me....

  11. but chris is right, there's no bad concerts, if you are there you'll enjoy it as devil in hell (or angel in heaven ahahah)... then with calm mind we could analyse things in another perspective...
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