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  1. Just picked this guy up today! Was just curious though is this their first album that isn't in a hard CD case? I guess it's good to reduce the plastic which is used for a hardcase
  2. So keen to see them again in Australia!
  3. I hope so would be so cool to have an artsy kind album like Viva. New album seems like a perfect time for me to come out of hibernation as well lol
  4. That's so true actually. It is so weird how much bands and even people can change over time. Like besides anybody's ideas on what they think is good or bad. A song like spies compared to SJLT are just so different. Lol now I think I'll have to listen to parachutes again. That's so good, congrats :)
  5. Politik (Glastonbury 2002) vs moving to mars
  6. Yeah happens all the time in electronics projects. You buy some component that looks awesome but turns out to just not do what you want it to do in practice. Good thing they're pretty cheap most of the time :P Have you ever tried a lamington? (they're pretty great)
  7. Major Minus Hear the crocodiles go ticking 'round the world. I feel like it might be something more metaphorical though idk :P
  8. Also good luck with your presentation!
  9. I'm hoping I'll be checking coldplaying more often now for the next couple months at least. Always great being here, and hearing from you guys :)
  10. Heyyy, yeah I guess I'm floating back in and out. Got more time now on uni break as well. It's nice of you to notice though :) Bit of a late reply though, time feels like it is going past so fast now
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