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  1. grab a bass, and play low. then play where i end and you begin(radiohead 2003) then ask yourself if this is influenced
  2. we need x and y and twisted logic.thats it. with the chord name!
  3. mathios

    t shirt

    have you seen the parachutes shirt and robtth? they are so beautiful but damn,why cant they do it in small size. we're not all giant!
  4. los is a good song but give a listen to radiohead's 'when i end and you begin' from hail to the thief. If you play bass,then youll know where theay had the idea from low. but still a good song,as wieayb!
  5. any chance to see x and y tabs and twisted logic?
  6. hi,i was in mtl at the show,was in the section 120 so i got the stage right in front of my face. i got to admit that it was incredibly good,and bad. They fuckep up few notes on square one plus fucked up the timing b4 the chorus go on,fucked up politik few chord,then fucked up yellow. if you play music,you know what i mean then they play good song like low that i enjoy but i dont know why,but i got the feeling that the show was 'butch' . seems to me like they designed it too fast.the screen behind show thing something that are absolutely ..meaningless like big rectangle of diferent color..o
  7. you dont like those song and dont want to tabs them?
  8. forgot x and y and twisted logic?
  9. hello! id like to know what the setlist look like fort he past show..im going to see coldplay aug 3 at mtl so..im just wondering what they are gonna play thanks
  10. what about x and y,twisted logic?
  11. i dont know whos kapone,but post them here please!
  12. mathios


    jsais pas je veux pas trop speculer sur ca..je sais pas encore si on va etre dans les loges.la seconde que je sais si on y est jen redonne des nouvelles ici mais continue a chercher..et si c amarche avec moi ben tant mieux ;)
  13. mathios


    salut je sais pas si tu parle francais..anyway i got ticket for montreal but im supose to be in the coca-cola /subway lodge because my girlfriend work for them and can have ticket.we went to see green day when they came.so..if i got ticket in the lodge,i could sell you mine
  14. hi,id like to know the setlist of a couple show to let me know what they will play on august 3 at montreal
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