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  1. Coldplay Milano ===> CHECK. [MEDIA=imgur]a/fK4FQ[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: http://imgur.com/a/fK4FQ
  2. This was for us Italy! travelled from Switzerland for our 2nd AHFOD 2017 Tour. It was just perfect, so much joy, happiness, love, emotions cant describe it in words... [MEDIA=imgur]a/Z4k8U[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: http://imgur.com/a/Z4k8U [MEDIA=imgur]a/fK4FQ[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: http://imgur.com/a/fK4FQ
  3. Yea ur absolutly right sir ! and thanks for your nice words...i was stocking with the Magic cover / Sky Full of Stars cover or the album cover Ghost Stories with the 2 Wings. To be honest i knew it would be the magic cover, the song means so much for me its my personally soundtrack to my life and like u said the choice was absolutly right i would do it twice :) its full of Magic the Cover has everything what i wish for, for life Love at the first place, so many details its just magic cant describe it in words :)
  4. would love to be there =/ wishing all of you wich are going, the time of your life :)
  5. Haha almost died :P hurt much but i always listened to Coldplay songs while we did this first session 7hours 2nd session 7hours and the last session was 5 hours :) listened a couple of Coldplay songs, then you forget the pain automatically ;D
  6. Thank you Haruka for you beautiful words :) Hey look i guess we got the same T-shirt ;) ?
  7. Hey thank you so much for you nice words. For me it was very important to get it detailed as hell ! i was very scared that it would be sludgy or distorted, because i tought the same as you, i saw so many Coldplay tattoos that are like this.
  8. Hi im new and this is my coldplay tattoo...it took about 3 months and 19hours work to get it done :)) im loving it !!
  9. Call it magic, call it true

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