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  1. No the number 4 is the correct way if the shirt was inside out the numbers would be flipped
  2. We’ll know you say it and if you think about it the two albums they do old school jamming sessions on produce two number one singles, plus I kinda interpreted davs interview to mean that he didn’t jam much on any of the later albums not that the band don’t anymore
  3. I think if anything was gonna happen Chris would of at least teased us yesterday in the live stream, I think they will hang off now until they can all meet again and record again unfortunately
  4. Here’s a suggestion...2024-1919=105 conclusion 10/5 maybe that’s what we’re looking at so the date in the TiT video might yet be conclusive
  5. I saw someone say the picture in the booklet could be a alternative name for everyday life
  6. What do you all think to the recent Pilar zeta post about UFOs do we think it could be Coldplay related
  7. I dunno if you guys have seen a video with a eco group called pavegen that’s looking to making concerts sustainable https://vimeo.com/398772825
  8. Do you think they will hint at the album this year or do you think they will hold off due to the virus
  9. definitely feel they’re going for a ghost stories/AHFOD approach
  10. I think the theme between the letters people are receiving Is definitely I’ve you’ve been to see a show at least twice
  11. I think I think life is beautiful may have a future as it was quite politically themed
  12. To be fair the 22nd of November 1919 was a Saturday
  13. It feels like we’re balanced on the edge of a knife
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