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  1. Bought my tickets for all three nights in Paris last night, this is no doubt going to be amazing.
  2. Ordered my ticket last night from Seatwave, no idea when I will actually receive it!
  3. I am coming all the way from West Norfolk on the trains. I intend to get there the day before as I am doing both nights! However if you're looking at driving I imagine the M4 will be rammed from the early afternoon. You can prebook your parking for the Principality here: https://www.ncp.co.uk/parking-solutions/venues/millennium-stadium
  4. Good evening whoever may read this post night shift ramble, I thought I'd tell you all my plans for next year involving Coldplay and Europe. I have decided to go ahead and follow them for a good portion of their European leg of the AHFOD tour and here are my confirmed dates and venues.... 14/06: Leipzig 16/06: Hannover 30/06: Frankfurt 01/07: Frankfurt 11/07: Cardiff 12/07: Cardiff 15/07: Paris 16/07: Paris 18/07: Paris. I was trying to also do Milan, but I refused to pay in excess of £350 for just a single ticket!
  5. Good evening all, I've booked both dates for Frankfurt and likely to book my accommodation before Christmas, lets make this a good one.
  6. Booking my ticket tonight through Seatwave and dread to think how much it'll cost. I've looked at Frankfurt and I'm already being set back £280 for those two nights!
  7. Who else is going to this gig? I am going to both nights in Frankfurt as part of my #JacksonOnTour where I will be essentially following Coldplay around Europe for three weeks. Bring it on :D
  8. A very good morning to you all. First post on this site from myself. I'm 21, I have been following Coldplay from the age of 5; yes 5 year old Rhys was dancing away to Yellow! As I get older people will probably say I'm immature for loving Coldplay so much but quite honestly I couldn't give a monkeys. Sent from my HTC One A9 using Coldplaying mobile app
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