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  1. I'm going on a lil holiday to Wales over the New Year and won't be able to come on the forums, so I'll wish you all a happy New Year now!! may your 2017 be full of joy, health and, of course, Coldplay. thank you for such a warm welcome into the Coldplay community, you're all so lovely and it was very fun to be a part of Secret Santa this year! lots of love to you all X
  2. aw, I hope you enjoy the treats and I'm glad it all got to you in time! after seeing everybody else's wonderful gifts, I'm so sorry mine wasn't anywhere near as good/Coldplay-related. hope you had a brilliant Christmas, and here's to a great New Year!
  3. Elif is my name! it's a Turkish name since I'm half Turkish :)
  4. @alicjanna: thank you SO much for your wonderful gift. we picked it up from the post office on Saturday and I opened it in the car on the way home- and I couldn't stop smiling for the whole car journey!! it made me so so happy and I'm extremely grateful! this is what I got: - the gingerbread biscuits were delicious, I had some last night with a hot chocolate and I'm going to have the rest for lunch at school tomorrow :) - the handmade card was so lovely, and I'm glad you enjoyed your stay over here in the summer- where abouts did you go and which coldplayer did you meet from the forum?! - inside that red star is a lil secret message, how sweet! I'll be sure to follow @ASFOLProject on Twitter, it's such a nice idea for coldplayers to come together to spread positivity. - and last but certainly not least was a beautiful "concert ticket"!!! I absolutely love all the littleness references and details on it (there was even 42 and 136 at the start of the bar code!) you're so talented! I can't decide whether to use it as a bookmark or put it on my wall but regardless, I love it!! I can't thank you enough for the time and effort you've put into this lovely gift. hopefully I can send you something back to say thank you! may your Christmas (and everyone else's of course) be filled with love, joy, happiness and Coldplay xx
  5. ah, so glad it got to you!! I'm sorry it wasn't much compared to what everybody else here has sent, but I hope you enjoy them. (and oops, sorry about those stars and snowflakes in the card haha!) x
  6. everybody's gifts are so wonderful! i haven't been able to send mine off yet, but hopefully i can post it today. (:
  7. really sorry for your loss, i hope you're feeling okay. and @YeahWeDo_YeahWeDo, i love your gift!! x
  8. got my match, woohoo!! time to start brainstorming ideas, I don't know what to get/make!
  9. oops, I'm slightly late but thank you so much for the lovely welcome !
  10. hmm, I haven't got my match yet and I'm not on the participants list either, just wondered if I've actually been entered or not? I'm super excited about it though !!
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