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  1. Discovered these piano covers yesterday and wanted to share them cause they're absolutely brilliant. So soothing. Listen to them late at night with your headphones on and get lost in your thoughts and imagination. You can also find several other Coldplay covers on his channel that are equally great.
  2. I usually hit my right thumb a little harder and play it 'disconnected' from the chord itself (if that makes sense?). I made a synthesia tutorial while playing along to the BBC Radio 1 performance in Exeter, maybe that helps. I didn't record it on the MP9000 though but with the 'current' AHFOD sound. Back when I had an MP9000, I just set the voicing to bright to match the sound (if I remember correctly).
  3. I’m just not using it anymore unfortunately. Got a second one and I don’t have space for two so I have to get rid of one.
  4. SOLD - - - SOLD - - - SOLD Anyone still looking for a Kawai MP9000 - the Coldplay sound? I'm selling my beloved piano. Everything's working fine. As good as new considering its age. I think I don't have to go into detail explaining the specs of the piano. We all know that this is the sound Coldplay used on stage until 2012. The piano is located in Germany and can be picked up in the North of the country (Lower Saxony) or it can be shipped within Germany for an extra €50. Comes with the damper and power chord. Price: €550 Any questions? Feel free to send me a message or c
  5. Yeah, I was always looking for footage like that. Glad it exists and they included it in the film. What would I do to play on that piano once...
  6. Are you sure? I'd say it's the Kawai Pop Piano EX Studio Grand sound that can be found on the ATX2 and the MP11SE. I know for sure that he uses an MP8 for Everglow. I've seen a photo without the case.
  7. Everglow Live Version Yellow Acoustic Version
  8. Viva La Vida Intro (2011/2012 Live Version) Tutorial - played on a Kawai MP9000
  9. Yellow (Mellow/Acoustic Version) Tutorial - played on a Kawai MP9000
  10. There's a post in the Welcome section from 2015 which announced the closure of the forum due to too little activity.
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