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  1. I would actually enjoy that! Plus the song just fits with what has happened over the past year with not only Covid, but the protests, politics and just life in general. Such a perfect song that captures all that.
  2. I predict he will play Everyday Life on piano but he may just play something like Viva or Fix You. I say Fix You because that song has been thrown back into the spotlight with the BTS cover. However I really hope it's something from Everyday Life. I do not think they will win any awards though, although the album totally deserves it. Either way, looking forward to seeing Chris!
  3. Absolutely! I plan on doing an entire cover at some point.
  4. No worries! I messed around with is a little bit but I managed to get a sample from someone and have been using that with Ableton.
  5. Yeah I think we are too desperate for news haha. Same goes with the reels on Instagram. I don't think those mean anything other than them trying to post/get engagement.
  6. Sweet, I will give that a try!
  7. Yeah I agree that the FFTF2024 is a completely separate thing from MOTS. As mentioned, I think it's Coldplay's goal to have an environment friendly tour by 2024. Very interesting! I still think we are getting a project of new/reworked material sometime this year.
  8. Thank you! I downloaded the VST and found the sound but it sounds a bit off. Do you remember what you did to tweak it?
  9. Haha that's been one I have wanted to do for a while now. I will try to do it sometime soon! And yeah probably going to save up some money and try to snag one on eBay.
  10. Lol I just commented on your YouTube video. Looking into getting a Triton Rack if I can't figure out the sampling thing.
  11. I use Mixcraft but I will check that out. Thanks guys!
  12. Bringing this back.... is there any way I could get the sound without having a Korg? I use VSTs but am not super experienced with them. I have no problem buying something if I have to as well.
  13. Love it! It's an awesome feeling playing and hearing that classic sound right?! Never fails to put a smile on my face.
  14. I think that is totally plausible! Exciting times!
  15. Also don't forget they released Bani Adam from right around the same time!
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