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  1. Me too! I really hope they do something like that one day. They have so much unreleased material that is just begging to be released. The Butterfly Package artwork would work better for something like that imo.
  2. Here are my thoughts: I don't see them releasing a huge project that they can't tour for a few years. At this rate it looks like a vaccine could be available within the next year or so but who honestly knows. That means every tour is getting pushed back til at least 2022, if not later. I don't think Coldplay will tour until after that. I think we will see them release a project (projects?) that is really for the fans (unreleased music/re-worked material). Chris did say that they view themselves as a service for people who enjoy their music. They want to provide for that. Now is a perfect time to release albums/EPs that won't necessarily be mainstream, although they will undoubtedly have some singles. Idk that's just where my mind is. I don't think they will perform anything new tonight, but I won't completely rule it out. It's a pre recorded performance so it would give them a great opportunity to show off a new song the way they want to. It gets the attention back on them after being away for a few months. I think we will see them release something this year, but whether it's a huge mainstream album or just a side project for the fans remains to be seen. I personally want a project for the fans. Imagine them bringing back things like Ladder to the Sun, Moses, etc. I know they don't like to look back but hey, now is a good time to. Also they said they would never do a greatest hits album, but they might not feel bad about doing it if they include some unreleased bonus tracks. I would certainly be all for it. The label probably wants something and this would be a good middle ground. Maybe I am just daydreaming though.
  3. Watch, they just drop The Race as a single and post that. After all it was intended to be the lead single twice now. Won't happen, but damn would that be so cool!
  4. I'm actually not sure on the entire story. This was actually the first version I found, so when I listened to all of X&Y for the first time, I was confused by the album version of talk haha. All I know is that they scrapped the entire first version of the X&Y album and started fresh at one point. I believe this version of Talk was on that version of the album.
  5. Yeah this is the first version of Talk that was on the first version of the X&Y album. If you come across any other other versions from X&Y (highly unlikely), please share! Thanks for this though 🙂
  6. Ahh I remember this! Really wish there was an official DVD release for the Viva era 😞
  7. Same. I love Foo Fighters and would love to hear Chris do a full cover on his own.
  8. Yeah I think he has it, but is just messing with people and looking for attention.
  9. I hear a bit more than the first snippet though. At the end you can hear "heart is a volcano".
  10. Brah either share it or don't. No need to keep teasing for months on end.
  11. Are you me? I literally had the same experience haha. Graduated in 2012.
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