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  1. Hi guys, I am building a little coldplay memorabilia wall in my new house. Does anyone have a tour poster or advert from the Earl's court gig in 2003? Failing that, a high Res photo from outside the venue? Thanks so much
  2. This might shed some light on the DVD front... http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/9594/59909523498749327879314.jpg
  3. whats making people say this was recorded for a DVD? Any evidence? cant wait for tonights show!
  4. Is it me or is the support a bit pants? Considering we got Jay-Z at wembley this is a let down. I was hoping for Noel Gallagher or something
  5. The oracle just made things a bit more confussing :( January 7, 2010 - submitted by Jack, United States of America Q. I had 4 shows I attended interrupted by camera equipment and you say there are not plans for live CD/DVD? Seriously? The Oracle replies: I can understand why you may assume that but how do you think they film the images that are projected onto the big screens? I actually said there were no plans for a live album so cameras would have nothing to do with a CD. Before you get excited that does not mean there's going to be a DVD!
  6. they said a live album i.e a cd, they never ruled out a live dvd
  7. lets hope, but wasnt the firm who filmed live 2003 present at wembley?
  8. i check this site every day for any news on the dvd. just hope to god they release it soon, also on blu ray :)
  9. haha i'll let you off then. and, its not layer road anymore. they moved grounds ;)
  10. haha cos i got work at 8 in the morning, whats your excuse ;) are you lot 100% sure they are the same?
  11. ah thanks, might have to import one then. i thought the text would have been different or something. good news if not though
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