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  1. I went to both gigs and I think todays Was great ! The crowd and setlist were better
  2. Just saw your message ! Sorry Liked the show? I loved it! ,clearly coldplay are at their best! The crowd was not that good, jumped in few songs and sang only the most popular ones
  3. Hello! I'm going to the show the 15th. Anyone knows if metro is the best way to get to the stadium ? I'm staying near the place d'italie .. Also , to come back , the metro operates after the concert!? Thank you!
  4. BEAUTIFUL acoustic version: [MEDIA=spotify]path=track%2F6LIhMLOxAYKzkbWmCYGYst[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: http://open.spotify.com/track/6LIhMLOxAYKzkbWmCYGYst
  5. Thank you all for the answers !! See you there !
  6. Hey! Finally found someone that bought me the tickets on pre sale ! I'm so happy ! I saw the tickets say the name of the buyer, but that won't be a problem when going into the stadium? I just need to present the printed electronic tickets and they let me in? Thanks !
  7. I'm from Uruguay! I'm expecting to have the e -code At the gig you just present the number and you can enter ? Thanks
  8. Hi! Thanks for the answer ! Sadly I don't have an Amex card and don't know anyone who has. Do you know if on the general sale they gave the E-ticket option? Thanks !
  9. Hi! :) I'm planning on buying tickets on the general sale on Friday. As I'm not from France or Europe, can you tell me if there's any type of "electronic tickets" for me to buy ? if not, can I pick up the tickets in the stadium the same day? What documents should I show for them to give me the tickets? Also Visa international cards are accepted? Thanks in advance
  10. Amazing news the number 1 in the UK! We have to wait 3 more hours for the official confirmation
  11. I just hope theres no monkeys during AOAL. Its a shame the show is with daylight, the glowbands + lasers wouldve been EPIC. Good Luck Coldplay, wish you deliver a Great Show!
  12. Juanma


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ipflpy6aSaE Mobile Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ipflpy6aSaE Noel Gallagher talks about the Coldplay album, the song and Chris. min 4:00
  13. Sad that Coldplay lost this "Beatles record" thing, it would be huge for the band. But happy cause its a Good Number for a debut week
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