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  1. I like Christina Aguilera's "Dirrty" :?
  2. Dave Matthews Band Counting Crows Coldplay Blues Traveler Nickel Creek (AWESOME bluegrassy band)
  3. :-D yay.. and you can go ahead and make an Oasis thread in the Rock forum... i'm sure you'll get some Oasis fans there :)
  4. go gwyneth!.. but uh.. i still think he's hot, heh
  5. sweet one already registered :-D and i made a coldplay thread in the rock section... WOOOO
  6. WOO!! I'm glad you all like it :)
  7. look forward to seeing you guys there!! :)
  8. Yoli

    The song Game!

    Gone till november- wyclef jean
  9. hey everyone... just wanted to share a new board my friends and I started up... its very cool, the format is awesome and its for all kinds of music.. so come on over and register :) (we won't bite unless you ask us to ;) ) http://www.roadbone.com
  10. Pensylvania, PA- US :)
  11. Yoli

    The song Game!

    Pretty Angry- Blues Traveler
  12. Yoli

    The song Game!

    Sexual Healing- Marvin Gaye
  13. ah well Storytellers isnt the band... its Dave and Tim Reynolds doing an acoustic set.. good stuff but live.. how different field
  14. hehe.... I've seen them 20 times... 21 on 2 weeks and by September it may be about 30 :D
  15. I love my boyfriend *sigh* and I miss him :cry:
  16. i got it.. and I added you to my buddy list so when I see ya on I'll IM you :)
  17. Yoli

    The song Game!

    Dilate- Ani Di Franco
  18. do you have AIM or MSN?? of so I can send ya some songs to help you expand your musical horzons... :)
  19. It's GOOOODDDDDDDDDDD!!!!! :shock:
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