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  1. I've added you on Lastfm. I saw that you liked Editors :) They're really good. I love Tom Smith. haha x

  2. ^^ agree with you you should see them live, and maybe you will change your mind :nice:
  3. well my prediction is, when the single sells great that they will become mainstream. like snow patrols chasing cars. not that i want to compare these two songs, but i have this certain feeling. but if it's not the case, i think the single will not be in the top 40 ... because it's one of the weaker songs on the album. if they wanted to earn extra money they should release bones or spiders
  4. no they haven't played it live so far. but i am sure that they will play it on their european tour (well i hope hehe :P) in my opinion it was not a great idea releasing this song. :confused:
  5. hmmmm for this year: Editors (2) The Boxer Rebellion Arctic Monkeys The Coral and some festivals
  6. *mega bump* i saw them on tuesday as support act with editors!!! they are just fantastic!!! who else likes them? :cool:
  7. the show was AMAZING!!! i also met the band :cool:
  8. it's true > http://www.nme.com/news/we-are-scientists/32232
  9. yeaahhh next week, next week!!! :happy::blush::ears::sunny::guitarist::dance:
  10. oh you didn't get a ticket? that's sad because they are amazing live :nice:
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