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  1. Yeah..😄 if there are 2 interviews in Czechia, there must be milions and millions in other bigger countries or Europe in general.. this just has no end 😂
  2. Sorry wrong link.. the FULL video is on this website https://www.expresfm.cz/aktualne/hudba/coldplay-exkluzivne-meli-jsme-pocit-ze-pro-fanousky-nic-neznamename-ceka-nas-nejdivnejsi-koncert/?fbclid=IwAR0kur5REvKS5-ksXmTcy5c7px44eJuX4PzfkF-P9ueWE582loEmidxy8j4
  3. This is amazing, thank you! It's really hard to keep up There is second Czech interview and I noticed it's not included in this list yet: Link: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=485361899276947 :)
  4. I noticed that lyrics on genius.com were taken down..
  5. I don't think so. I think it's a worldwide drop at the same time
  6. How's that possible.. but those pre-chorus and bridge lyrics really scares me to be honest
  7. I really love that 80s sound and Birds beat combined. Overall after 256 replays, it's pretty awesome, but it's still just 15 seconds.. I feel there's possibility we're gonna receive some J-riff somewhere throughout the song, it'd suit well I think. But anyway, they know what they're doing. We want them to stay big and this catchy song will let them fill stadiums again. And since this is definitely the most poppy song on the album I'm not worried at all. Have you thought about possible collaborations on the album? There's gonna be definitely at least one
  8. Am I the only one who is afraid to listen?😀 it’s like when you run into a big spoiler of your favourite TV show.. I guess I’nm too excited 😅
  9. Wait then.. if station 56 is narrated by Pilar Zeta, which surely is.. and there's a reference about swedish recipe to that producer, then the Czech record (ARFM-6) could be narrated by Mila Furstova, creator of wings for Ghost Stories. I thing the voices sound kind of similar. But still don't know the meaning behind..
  10. Hi everyone! This record https://alienradio.fm/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/ARFM-6.mp3 is in Czech. It's not related to space or something, just two children's rhymes, which is kind of weird. They're called 'Šnečku, šnečku' and 'Polámal se mravenček'. It doesn't really make sense in english and some words in it are pretty outdated. Here is the rough transition: 1) Snailing, snailing, stick out your horns, I'll give you coin to buy cheese, And a Groschen for tobacco, A slacking sloven you shall be. 2) A little ant got broken, The whole preserve knows about it, At the midnig
  11. I received my package safely last week, I wanted to save it and open it on Christmas Eve, but.. well... :laughing: thank you so much for amazing and thoughtful gifts, Maren @BuckinParadise ! Everything is so beautiful and made me very happy :blush: I wish you and everyone from this amazing community very Merry Christmas! :heart:
  12. Všechno nejlepší k narozeninám! (:

  13. Hi! Do you have a download link for the Sao Paulo Show in 1080p? Happy new year!

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