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  1. I think that you'll certainly be out of the woods as long as you stick to sharing such questionable links via PMs only
  2. Who knows? It might have been just a publicity stunt all along
  3. I'm doing my best to imagine that there's an epic guitar solo by Jonny as a part of the middle eight, actually
  4. The snippet above sounds really great to my mind! I find it catchy and easy to listen. I also want to dance and sing along to whole song so badly at the moment!
  5. Well, great minds think alike, don't they? 😁
  6. Quoting a user from the ATRL forums who's apparently got to listen to Higher Power already: "Ahh just heard it, I actually love it It's breezy, summery, nostalgic. NOT as synthpop heavy as Blinding Lights, but it does remind me of Take On Me by A-ha a bit. Radio will eat it up "
  7. Hello, @Pokegleek. Welcome to the forum!
  8. Every now and then, another moderator, @Captain Crieff also shows up and is active on this forum
  9. Papillon by Editors
  10. O Magic True Love Midnight A Sky Full of Stars Another's Arms Oceans Ink Always in My Head In case we take the Target bonus tracks into consideration, O/Ghost Story (tie) Magic All Your Friends True Love Midnight A Sky Full of Stars Another's Arms Oceans Ink Always in My Head O (Reprise)
  11. Clocks vs Don't Let It Break Your Heart
  12. Happy New Year, Coldplayers! Let's hope for the best and look forward to 2021.
  13. It has just come to my mind that around this time three years ago I joined this forum. I'm feeling sappy and nostalgic right now... By the way, have yourselves a very merry Christmas, folks! Even if you can't celebrate with your loved ones this year, always remember that there's someone who loves, appreciates and cares for you. I hope you can still enjoy yourselves and make the best of times like these!
  14. It's past the second deadline but I haven't received a mixtape from @I ran away yet. Let me know if you need me to extend the deadline so you can still work on your own mixtape. Anyway, you can go ahead and share your own reviews of the mixtapes which your counterparts created for you, respectively.
  15. Reminder: There's less than a day left until the deadline for submitting the mixtapes that you are supposed to create for this year's edition of the Mixtape Exchange. The deadline is today, December 20, 2020, 23:59:59/11:59:59 p.m. (CET).
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