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  1. Nice name you have

  2. I really like the album overall. The only ones I can go without are Everglow and Amazing Day.
  3. Minarets


    I would be shocked if Noels solos isn't the second one. It sounds like classic Oasis.
  4. Crazy talk. It's one of the best. For me, Amazing Day and Everglow are the worst.
  5. Love the beginning when the organ hits.
  6. Minarets


    What are the official lyrics in the chorus?
  7. Pretty much all of them I want to relisten to except Everglow, amazing day and X marks the spot. Outside of that, want to listen to them all. And I have listened to the album all the way thru about 10 times.
  8. Are we really thinking the sound quality tomorrow will be a lot better than the leak?
  9. Listened to this in full while driving today and I gotta say, this is a damn great pop album. Gone are the days of Oldplay, for sure. That said, this is the best pop effort from them yet and is a great record. Hope that holds up for me over time.
  10. Actually I like Ghost Stories for background music.
  11. Yup, that was me that mentioned the loud thing. I was trying to get some work done and had it on in the background and it just didn't work. I love some Vance Joy or Lumineers in the background, but this one begs to be cranked up.
  12. I will say I have listened to this thing thru about 5 times and the very first thing that comes to mind, is I want to play it loud. This isn't a background music album. This thing begs to be cranked up. I am really digging this. I must say as I have gotten older (35) I have listened to more pop than ever before, large in part to my sons ( former DMB/pearl jam/singer songwriters kinda guy.) this is a damn good pop album. Time will tell it's staying power with me, but I'm liking cranking it up in the car and enjoying.
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