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  1. Hey sorry to bother you again jeff but mediafire says the folder is empty. Think you can upload it again? I've been looking for a good shiver tab for a long time already. It's such a brilliant song.
  2. Good set of chords you have there! Thanks! Are there any more songs from viva la vida tuned this way too?
  3. I highly doubt so... If not this website would have been shut down many years ago. Just look at the multimedia section in this forum. There are recordings of concerts from years ago and coldplay has not even done a single thing about them.
  4. No actually I was using my 50mm prime. Was seated quite far away so it became "wide angle" haha! I was considering bringing in my longer lens but was worried that security will stop me. Rather have a camera with short lens than no camera at all!
  5. i was sitting in B36, row 32. The 88 dollar seats. I think thats the terrace. It explains the rather same angle of pictures that ALL my pictures have. Quite boring after a while.
  6. haha. definitely not a journalist. i was using a slr though. a relatively inexpensive one. I was actually contemplating writing to live nation to allow me to take photos right in front of stage between the barriers and the stage. BUT i found out that even if straits time were to ask for press passes they will probably only be allowed to take for the first few songs. haha.
  7. well u can have a good time while taking pictures! Here's some more! look at the crowd go wild when chris lies on stage! The rest of my photos are at http://joshuachan.smugmug.com/gallery/7696536_o6vBZ#497316073_ae5zX
  8. Here are some of my pictures! the rest of my photos are here! http://joshuachan.smugmug.com/gallery/7696536_o6vBZ#497316073_ae5zX
  9. uploading my photos now. my seats were quite high up so the pictures will all be from the same angle. will update soon! but first i must say the concert WAS BLOODY AWESOME! just mind blowing. i dare say even better than the last time they were here!
  10. I have a feeling it's already sold out. I cant seem to get into sistic's online booking system. (can somebody correct me if im wrong).
  11. I have 4 seats in B36 row 32. My mum helped me book them for my friends and I. I was actually willing to pay 188 for better seats but my friends weren't so I have no choice but to buy the 88 seats... oh well. I hope this concert is going to be as good as the last one in 06'! I can still remember the whole crowd standing and singing during the whole of the concert. Such a magical time!
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